Have you ever thought about the importance of your personal work? What you can achieve with it and how it’s going to reflect on your career? Well, we are here to tell you that your IP and passion projects matter in a way you wouldn’t imagine! They are all about showing the world who you are as an artist, your taste and how you express it. To put your time into them is apparently the best way to get hired too, according to our guest speaker this year.

Sava Živković arrives at CGA2018 in the halls of Kinoteka to give a presentation about the challenges you will be facing on the road to becoming a director and how personal projects impact that transition. Strongly believing that your own work is the most important aspect of artistic growth, his talk will take you through his personal work that helped him on his road to becoming an expert. He will break down every single one of his projects and show you what he learned and how he applied that knowledge in his directing position on AAA at Axis Animation Studios.

Stay to the end of the presentation and prepare yourself for an immersive experience into the project of Destiny 2, showcasing Sava’s true skills as a director!

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