First a myth, then a concept in the 60’s, nowadays VR is reality. Don’t get us wrong, VR is still undergoing exploration, change and different implementation both as a concept and technology. It depends on our understanding of what reality is and we don’t seem to fully grasp that yet.

Aiming to further stimulate the discussion and give you all – the artists, the thinkers, the people that live for creativity, an imminent chance to get involved and contribute, we give you the VR to Begin With panel at CGA2018. Four experts in the discussed field – Dr. Johanna Pirker, Dejan Grba, Vladimir Todorović and Ninoslav Adžibaba, agreed to sit at our round table and break down some of the key aspects of virtual reality.

Giving you a lot of brainstorming options, the panel will make you ask yourself can VR ever be indistinguishable from reality or can the consequence of these virtual experiences lead to cultural assimilation, collective learning or even transcendence? Imagine all the educational potential too. One medicine student has a hard time imagining how a beating human heart works in 3D. VR successfully solves that problem. The panelists’ job doesn’t end there – taking a philosophical approach, the discussion on a broader understanding of human experience from a multidisciplinary stand-point will stir up a lot of commotion in the halls of Kinoteka on November 16-17.

To hook you up even more, the panelists will have a bonus question discussion if time allows it, so we dare you not to stay through the whole shabang!

Find out more about the when and where here.