We are here to tell you yet again the passion projects that show who you are, they matter! Yes, yes, keeping the paychecks mailed to you through commercial work is hard and time-consuming, but we tell you it’s possible to manage both at the same time. All you need is ever elusive balancing soft-skills in life.

Crossover in animation: From industry drill to auteurism and back is a panel addressing those exact issues. It’s one big case study breaking down four different original animation projects created by none other than the panelists – Ivan Pribičević, Zoran Cvetković, Tom Box and Vojin Vasović. With all their expertise coming from different backgrounds, the panel will present what it’s like to give birth to an original animation film from four separate roles, studio owner to VFX Supervisor.

Don’t you worry, the panelists won’t leave you without personal stories regarding all the drama, all the bumps and the booby-traps on the road to completion of a passion project. To make those stories even more relatable and easier to tackle, they’ll provide you with the methods for solution of troubles along the way. Applying them might just be a key to make your personal stories successful ones.

If you’re searching for your raw, untapped creative potential, CGA2018 is officially the place to be at on November 16-17. Find out more about the when and where here.