Ever wandered into your work space and realised you are missing a tool or two needed to complete the project you fought and bled for? Looking at your wallet, you get that you are in deep trouble. Cursing yourself that you aren’t like those industry hotshots with deep pockets, you ask yourself – what do I do?!

You are in luck. Coming all the way from Seneca College, we give you Steve Kahwati. Now a professor with over 15 years of experience in the industry, he is the one the hotshots call when they are in need of consulting. Working with Autodesk, The Mill, Sony Imageworks, Arc Production and many others, he’s done a number of high-profile advertisements, episodic and feature projects. He’s been everywhere and done it all.

Well, not everywhere. Coming to Belgrade and joining us on stage at CGA 2018, Steve will give you the missing tool and help you bootstrap that CG Pipeline and do more with less. His talk will cover the basics of setting up a mini production pipeline convenient for small to medium collaborative CG projects.

He’ll take the time to breakdown a standard pipeline and instruct you on the minimum requirements on both production and client sides. Is cloud service integration good for global collaboration? The advantages? The down sides?

All that and more at Kinoteka on November 16-17. Find out about the when and where here.