What’s it really like to be a VFX Supervisor? When things on set get hectic, what arsenal of traits does one supervisor need in order to keep everything in check and make the workflow go as smoothly as possible?

What better way is there to grasp how a workflow can impact the production process than to snatch a veteran of VFX Supervising and bring him on stage at CGA 2018 where he will present the entire course of action in making visual effects. From bid to finish line is Aleksandar Djordjević’s presentation on the workflow overview from an industry’s insider point of view.

With blockbusters like The Wolf of Wall Street and Men in Black 3 behind him, he’s the right person to go to when discussing the role of adequate workflow being integrated into the production. Splitting up the work between the whole crew in an organised fashion takes for some brilliant coordination skills from the very start of the project. Shedding light on these topics, this presentation will point out the importance of teamwork and collaboration as parts that make or break the completion of your work.

November 16-17 is right around the corner, so get your tickets while you still can!

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