Does the idea of taking your laptops and lock yourselves in a tiny room without going out until you’ve accomplished something sound a little crazy to you? Seriously, who would do that?

Born with a touch of madness and bred to take down anyone who says says small companies can’t stand side by side with the best, Woodblock is a statement to the industry giants. Creating visual effects for Apple, IBM and Adidas commercial work is no small feat, we’ll tell you that much.

It took a collective to lock themselves up in a room to create the company and it takes a collective to come to CGA2018. They do everything together. A family, one might say. Straight Outta Ludwigsburg is their coming of age story giving insights into what it takes to make it in the industry. Just imagine all the anecdotes that happened in that room. All the laughter and the friendly banter. The blood. The sweat. The tears.

Fighting the same fight of small vs. big, Digital Asset Tailors took an opportunity to ally with Woodblock and show the world what a unique style in storytelling and pace means for the making of visual effects. Teaming up on the Adidas projects, Ivan Vasiljevic will join the boys from Ludwigsburg to speak on the subject of Premium Advertising Outsource in Serbia.

Recognising your own creative ingenious within comes along with not being afraid to show it to the world. So what if a few people look at you weirdly when you start locking yourself in rooms. “Let’s be a little bit crazy with creativity”, these guys tell us. More will be available to you on November 16-17 at Kinoteka.

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