They say that they are invisible. Are they though? They might not get put first on the credits list on the work they’ve done for their clients, but they are the ones that connect the real world with the imaginative visuals. Best known for their work that ranges from complex camera tracking and matchmoving to consulting on highly complex visual shot design, they take VFX production one step further. Their client base says it all. ESPN, Disney, Epic Games, The Mill, BNS. We dare and encourage you to accomplish feats as big as these. Who are they? Well, QLBeans, of course.

We’ve invited them to come to the conference and speak about what and how they do it. Luckily enough, we’ve been able to drag none other than the co-founder of the company, Bogdan Mihajlović, from his office to the stage at CGA2018.

He will certainly catch your attention and keep your eyes locked to the presentation with his talk regarding matchmoving, set extensions and character integration for FX through rotomotion process. It sounds incredibly complex, doesn’t it? You are surely breaking a sweat. You needn’t, though. Bogdan will demonstrate everything through an example and not only show, but break down their work on a spot for Gillette.

Devoted on solving every obstacle, challenge and problem that crosses their path, they will be a valuable addition to our program this year and will certainly make an impact on you as well. Find more about the when and where here.