All of us think that developing and designing games is all unicorns and rainbows, but Mirko Božović is here to tell you that it’s not at all like that. Hard work, dedication, a growing thirst for learning and adopting new ways of thinking is needed. Creativity unleashed.

Looking closely enough, one will see that a game isn’t just narratives, spells and living in a fantasy world all the time. We merely always seem to overlook the technical aspects of systems and balance.

A Game Designer is a tale of broader and deeper understanding of the game. A tale where you get to express your understanding of humanity by evoking all the desires and the feelings of it’s users. To be able to fathom people’s reactions, behaviours and what drives us as a species is a must have trait in this line of work. Who would’ve thought that a person creating video games must also be trained in the ways of psychology?

Nurturing this way of thinking, Mirko will share the knowledge he was able to extract by working at Mad Head Games and discuss one vital part of game designing – Numbers. If the numbers match a player’s feelings, you’ve won him over. You’ve seized a gamer’s heart. So a game designer says. To find out more head on to CGA2018 at Kinoteka. When? You needn’t look anywhere but here.