Projects that shake the industry? Cutting edge technology? Dabbling with the world of Virtual Production? Working on MEET MIKE? A SIGGRAPH appearance with the Osiris Black to Andy Sirkins blend? They are said to have created the world’s first believable digital human driven by an actress in real-time. Have we given you enough clues to figure it out? It all adds up now, doesn’t it? It’s 3Lateral to unleash their potential at CGA2018 as well.

Moderating the panel, Mike Seymour will sit down with Ben Lumsden from Epic Games and the CEO of 3Lateral, Vladimir Mastilović. The subject? Potential consequences of the Real-Time Virtual Production usage. What does it really mean for humanity and its kind? Will we be morphing to Osiris Black for Halloween next year? Well, who knows? But we’re definitely approaching a breakthrough in Virtual Production, thus all things virtual too, possibly deepening our understanding of reality itself. You can find the correct time for the panel here.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, you thought that was it? Don’t you need more inspiration to kick-start that personal project you’ve neglected for months now? 3Lateral has just a story for you. It’s an internship one. From a skipper to a full-time employee, Djorđe Vidović will tell us what it’s been like for him growing up at 3Lateral. All of the things he seen. The challenges he had to overcome. All the exciting projects he’s worked on and their results presented to you at Kinoteka on November 17-18. When, you ask yourself? Find out here.