V-Ray anyone? Ring a bell? What a silly question. Of course it does. You all know what V-Ray is and who is the company behind it. That’s right. Chaos Group is sending one of their own to join us on stage at CGA 2018.

Speaking on behalf of Chaos Group is Yavor Stoikov, and when it comes to his knowledge of V-Ray, he’s a force to be reckoned with. A CG Specialist and a brilliant instructor traveling around the globe to help users make the most out of the software and optimize their usage and workflow. We don’t want to give you too much information now, but he’s got a treat for everyone attending the conference.

Now, every great class starts with a demonstration. You’ll be able to watch Yavor showcase the V-Ray’s raw production capabilities of rendering and compositing a sequence. Next on his agenda will be breaking down Chaos Group’s internal spaceship landing scene. Oh, don’t play dumb now. We all know how many views the ’V-Ray Next for Maya’ video has. You’ve seen it. It’ll be shown on the big screen too to jog your memory up. Finally, he will guide you from the path of conception to realising and setting up the final image in the software.

Last but not least, what would a masterclass be without all those useful tips and tricks. Whether you are a compositor or you’re meddling with rigging and lighting, even if you just want to create a realistic atmosphere or simulate volumetric effects, the tips will come in handy.

Well, that’s it. We don’t have the permission to tell you more. We will leave that to Yavor! What we can tell you is the when and where – learn that here.

Oh, yes. Chaos Group would kill us if we forgot to tell you about their surprise this year! There’s a raffle they’ve prepared for you. The reward? You stand to win a FREE one year V-Ray licence. All you’ve gotta do is fill in your information here.