Bringing everyone together and sharing knowledge is what we do best – and this year we’re especially in tune with your needs.

So, have a look at CGA Belgrade 2019 list of workshops and masterclasses, and find your way to one of them or more. We totally support you to get that thirst for knowledge taken care of!

If you’re a Nukie (a rookie at Nuke), then the amazing Klaudija Cermak from Escape Studios London and her workshop on Industry Workflow in Nuke is just perfect for you. You can find out more and register here.

Have a passion for creating AAA games? Say no more! Branislav Pavlovic from Ubisoft Belgrade will guide you through the process of Creating weapon attachment – all you need to do is click here.

Designing sound for a Mobile Game Character is as fun as it sounds, so get ready for Shane Berry and his workshop. You only need to know how to hold a microphone and point it at things. Register here.

If you’re in love with VR and you wish to navigate the real world with virtual reality – we got you! Well, our lecturers Mirko Stojkovic, Branko Sujic and Pavle Dinulovic from Faculty of Dramatic Arts got you. The workshop Hyperreality has a very limited number of lucky participants, so hit that register button fast right here. 

For those more advanced in the industry wanting to learn more about The Art and Science of teaching VFX, Laurence Cymet is coming all the way from Centennial College and your way to his workshop is here.

If you have a thing for smoke and fire (in computer graphics sense, of course), then this Bifrost Aero workshop by Michael B. Nielsen will fire up your technical skills. Register here.

And if you often find yourself between two realms 3D and 2D, then you will also find yourself at the masterclass by Bogdan AmidzicProcedural Problem solving in tight VFX Production. Get your seat here.

Each workshop and masterclass requires a separate registration so make sure to spot your favorite and register on time. Check out our full programme at CGA Belgrade 2019 here.

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