In an era of diversification, we are merging physical and digital worlds to give you the insight and future trends of the Metaverse, providing fertile answers, supporting creative business, and finding new innovative ways forward.

This year’s theme is Metaversity, a coin word we like because it combines the world beyond digital and university as the origin of collective wisdom and knowledge. Thus, we are especially keen on giving the spotlight to artistic works that combine traditional artistic ethos with a deep understanding of technology.

CGA Belgrade invites you to move forward together, and join your CG tribe for a two-day FREE digital event on November 18th – 19th 2021. 

This year, we are proud to announce our new and free CGAccelerator program, as we believe that investing in business skills will positively change the creative ecosystem. CGAccelerator program is carefully designed to support the growth of creative companies in VFX, gaming, sound, design, and production.

The accelerator program is designed by RevThink team, consultants dedicated to helping creative studios thrive and grow their business.

The conference will follow three content streamlines: artistic CGArts, educational CGAcademy, and for the first time, the content track called CGAlliance dedicated to those eager to hone their entrepreneurship skills in the world of computer graphics.

Check-in with your CGA Belgrade community and sign up for two days of FREE online sessions on November 18th – 19th 2021.

Register HERE.