This summer, CGA will take you on a path of creating outstanding virtual environments for video games, film, and television. Join us on this unique learning experience!

CGA 2022: Virtual Environments Lab is an educational program exploring different aspects of creating environments for different digital sets. The program is focused on the Unreal Engine 5 workflow and presents a two-month prep process for the forthcoming CGA Conference and is organized by the Crater Training Center. 

The sixth edition of CGA Belgrade is expected to happen in late September 2022, and all of the three environments created in Crater this summer will be used in the conference production. One of those will be simulating a level in a video game, the other will act as a movie set, and the third will work as a broadcast studio. 

Introduction to the Virtual Environments Lab

As stated above, the program will focus on the Unreal Engine 5 workflow and provide valuable knowledge in this area, both through lectures and specialized master classes, as well as through practical work on specific projects. Throughout the program, participants will also have access to the mentoring support delivered by senior artists from the leading studios in the country. 

The Technical Director of this year’s CGA conference and Virtual Environments Lab is Dane Blačić (Mogul Digital), an experienced XR producer, creative broadcast director, and master of virtual production with vast experience working on international projects. Dimitrije Miljus, a senior illustrator and concept artist at the Hexworks game dev studio (currently developing the sequel to the cult fantasy RPG Lord of the Fallen) is the Lab’s Art Director. His portfolio includes many interesting references, including work for Love Death + Robots cult series.

Who can join the project?

Virtual Environments Lab is intended for up to 12 participants divided into several teams, each of which will create a unique environment that meets the specific requirements of a particular virtual production (i.e., film, games, and television). Each team will have at least one Level Artist and two 3D Artists.

Level Artists will be in charge of incorporating various elements and delivering the final composition of the environment. We will recruit them at the Environment Art course at Crater Training Center, where they will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the mentioned role in the team. Environment Art kicks off on June 6 and applications are still open!) .

Throughout the program, 3D Artists will get firsthand insights into the pipeline of professional production, and their task will be to model the assets of the final environment. Invited to enroll in the program are modeling artists based in Belgrade, skilled in some of the leading 3D software (Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, and Blender are applicable, while knowledge of Unreal Engine and/or Substance Painter is an additional plus). 

Send your application for the position of a 3D Artist within the Virtual Environments Lab via this form. The competition is open until June 13, 2022.

How this all works?

CGA’s educational program on creating virtual environments will be held live in Crater Training Center from July 1 to August 27, 2022. Participation in the program includes mandatory lectures, masterclasses, and practical work under the mentorship of experienced professionals.

Afterward, the teams will test their final works in the studio and will be able to see how their creations interact with the actors and cameras in the production process. The final phase of the Virtual Environments Lab will be organized in September, ending before the CGA Belgrade conference.

Up to 12 artists will join the program. The public competition is currently open for 3D modelers willing to enroll in this unique educational experience.

Participation is free for all artists, with the obligatory presence during the entire duration of the program, every working day, from 9 AM to 5 PM.

The environments created in the Lab will have their premiere in late September at the CGA Belgrade 2022 conference. Honestly, yet not modestly, we plan to blow your mind.