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Honoring the legacy of fearless pioneers whose unrelenting drive and fierce commitment to excellence have helped transform computer graphics into one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, CGA Belgrade is an international gathering bringing together artists, leaders, innovators and game-changers to foster connections, build global networks and unpack latest trends and developments in the world of VFX, gaming, VR and digital arts.

How do we do this?

We round up some of the world’s best known professionals. We dig deep for latest developments, fascinating projects, and brilliant insights – and then invite some of the industry’s brightest minds to tell us their thoughts on it. We organize training opportunities and bring in recruiters. We shake hands with industry reps, and software and hardware distributors that bring the technology for a new era of visual storytelling.

From Hollywood’s finest to indie superstars, from local heroes to global sharks, with masterclasses, insider tips, life lessons and everything in between! Whether you’re a rookie looking for guidance or a senior craving a challenge, we guarantee you’ll be taken care of.

We provide the platform. You take care of the rest.

Welcome to CGA Belgrade.

CGArts is designed to fuel your creative fire while demonstrating the latest creative achievements, original ideas, and projects that push the envelope further every year. This is a dedicated space for artistic discussion and interdisciplinary collaboration, curated by VFX Serbia.

CGArts content track had its premiere in September 2021 during the four-day hybrid event (a conference + an art show) called CGA Novi Sad: Enter the MetaClub.

CGAlliance gathers business insights and finds different ways towards stakeholder collaboration. Sparking ideas of all kinds, CGAllience will offer solutions and opportunity perspectives regarding the growing CG industry in Serbia.

The track is curated by Serbia Film Commission and its premiere is scheduled for November 2021.

CGAcademy consists of educational content to help students and entry-level artists work their way up in the VFX, gaming, animation, and CG industry. With CGAcademy sessions, you won’t wander off the right learning path.

The program is organized by Crater Training Center that offers specialized game art and VFX education, as well as software training for professionals.

CGAfterHours bonus track will lift your spirits high after a long working day! This is a space to casually chit-chat, network, share inspiring stuff, or just crack some jokes.


Serbia Film Commission

Founder of the Film in Serbia brand, the Serbia Film Commission is the engine behind the growth of the country’s capacities in servicing international film, TV and advertising projects. As a network of leading film production companies, studios, rental and post-production facilities, the SFC is always on the lookout for game-changing developments and growth opportunities. As part of its Film in Serbia initiative, it hosts a network of 10 VFX studios, a creative powerhouse responsible for delivering some of the most complex and diverse worldwide projects on the national level.

Serbia Film Commission

Crater VFX Training Center

Main industry knowledge nucleus, Crater VFX Training Center provides learning opportunities for computer graphics industry newcomers and veterans alike. Taught by practicing professionals, Crater’s courses are a carefully crafted mixture of theoretical knowledge, relevant industry insight and simulation of real-life production. As strong believers in talent nurturing, they offer internship and job placement options, heartily working with the important players in vfx and gaming industry to ensure their students’ successful careers.

Crater Studio

VFX Serbia

The connective tissue of the Serbian VFX community, VFXSerbia is the leading industry publication and its most vibrant online hub. Always at the forefront of latest news and developments, it acts as the bridge between local professionals and their international counterparts, as well as a rite of passage for all VFX newcomers. Dedicated to promoting the success of local talent and nurturing a culture of growth, the platform houses the biggest collection of domestic artists’ reels and aims to become the most comprehensive database of the Serbian film and video production and post-production industry.

VFX Serbia

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„There are two areas in the world that I think will really progress in the next ten years. One is Eastern Europe, other is southern United States. There is a large base of hungry talent, very educated in math science and art. I like the energies of those part of the world.“

Andrew Lowell, lead instructor Effects TD, Lost Boys Studio (CAN)

„Events like this are fundamentally important for the community and community is for industry. It’s a circle of life!“

Vladimir Mastilovic, CEO, 3Lateral (SRB)

„When I returned to Serbia, it was awesome to see how far the region has come in the last few years, and I am now excited to be a part of the next chapter of that growth.“

Vitaly Kobyasev, Sales Manager, Foundry (GBR)