CGAfter hours DJ set

Thinker & Stevie Whisper DJ set – Mystic Stylez

Mystic Stylez is a collective of DJs and producers based in Belgrade exploring all corners of the current underground bass-centric electronic music.


Serbia Film Commission

Founder of the Film in Serbia brand, the Serbia Film Commission is the engine behind the growth of the country’s capacities in servicing international film, TV and advertising projects. As a network of leading film production companies, studios, rental and post-production facilities, the SFC is always on the lookout for game-changing developments and growth opportunities. As part of its Film in Serbia initiative, it hosts a network of 10 VFX studios, a creative powerhouse responsible for delivering some of the most complex and diverse worldwide projects on the national level.

Serbia Film Commission

Crater VFX Training Center

Main industry knowledge nucleus, Crater VFX Training Center provides learning opportunities for computer graphics industry newcomers and veterans alike. Taught by practicing professionals, Crater’s courses are a carefully crafted mixture of theoretical knowledge, relevant industry insight and simulation of real-life production. As strong believers in talent nurturing, they offer internship and job placement options, heartily working with the important players in vfx and gaming industry to ensure their students’ successful careers.

Crater Studio

VFX Serbia

The connective tissue of the Serbian VFX community, VFXSerbia is the leading industry publication and its most vibrant online hub. Always at the forefront of latest news and developments, it acts as the bridge between local professionals and their international counterparts, as well as a rite of passage for all VFX newcomers. Dedicated to promoting the success of local talent and nurturing a culture of growth, the platform houses the biggest collection of domestic artists’ reels and aims to become the most comprehensive database of the Serbian film and video production and post-production industry.

VFX Serbia

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