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Miljana Jovovic

Milica Bozanic

Milos Milosevic

Language: English
The programme of CGA Belgrade2021 online conference is designed around Metaversity, a concept that blends the world beyond digital and university as an origin of collective wisdom and knowledge. ⁣With it, we wish to enhance the industry knowledge about the opportunities for design and production in the metaverse and embrace all its possibilities.⁣

At CGA, we are especially keen on giving the spotlight to artistic works that combine traditional artistic ethos with a deep understanding of technology. This is why the latest virtual edition of the conference tackles the topic of machine learning and its influence on contemporary art. We’ll examine industry trends and the possibilities of the most innovative tools today, including the one that helps you create authentic digitalhumans. ⁣

Finally, we’ll take you on a tour through the world that exists only in virtual reality. And while we’re there, we might even take you dancing. ⁣