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Mina Sablic Papajic


Ana Pakljanac

Vojin Vasovic

Tom Box

Zoran Cvetkovic

Language: English

Keeping commercial clients while working on your animated passion project – reality or fantasy?

Taking a case-study approach and analyzing best practices from four different animation film projects, our panelists will address the eternal dilemma of original versus commissioned work in visual effects and animation industry, and shed light on the delicate balance necessary for keeping paychecks coming while building the projects of your dreams.

With experts from different backgrounds gathered to share their knowledge, experience and insight gained from successfully produced short animation films unrelated to commissioned client work, the panel will bring four unique perspectives on the subject: studio owner, director, VFX supervisor and art director (TBC).

The discussion will cover obstacles, pitfalls and dilemmas the panelists have faced during their individual journeys, along with methods of tackling those issues to ultimately bring the project to completion.

Aiming to motivate artists looking to launch their own passion projects or develop untapped creative potential, the discussion will also benefit studio owners that are considering introducing such projects to their teams as a platform for professional and creative growth.