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Tanja Vujinovic

MetaGarden Club 2.0 by Tanja Vujinovic is another outpost from her series of artworks for social VR spaces. Club 2.0 is a virtual club and garden that enables us to explore virtual reality as a social space of connectedness, featuring a minimal techno audio-visual set or special events scheduled by the author. It is inhabited by generated Dyson Sphere-like devices, objects inspired by the shapes of snakes and plants, and Tanja’s proto machines, futuristic retro devices that take care of the environment.

Club 2.0 is placed within Sensar, an amalgam of a computer game and a social platform that offers its users possibilities of organizing events and publishing content in the form of virtual worlds and avatars. Sansar could also be described as a “Non-game game”, a class of software offering the player unbound possibilities of freeform play, identity with a great degree of self-expression, explorational interaction, without the limits of conventional or imposed goals and objectives.

The world is full of orchids as representations of its most seductive and diverse flowers, while the Dyson sphere-inspired objects float, encircling stars and capturing their energy to be used in this world. As new spheres of MetaGarden unfold, we can observe their elements form lives of their own. As Félix Guattari puts it, “its chaosmic Universe can be constellated with […], vegetal, animal, cosmic or machinic…becomings.”

(excerpt taken from www.tanjav.art)