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Mikhail Lesin

Language: English

Mikhail will provide in-depth details of VFX production for Attraction. We will go right from the early stage of pre-production through all fascinating effects. How we generate an authentic city and then destroy it, develop design of alien exoskelet on and spaceship, create alien world, make genuine clouds and atmosphere, and why do we need to make a CG fighter pilot. At the end you will hear how we adjusted our work principles to accomplish all this with a relatively small team of 50 people in just 1 year.

Mikhail Lesin began his career as a 3D generalist in an advertising agency in 2000, and a few years later he became fascinated by the world of visual effects in motion pictures. In 2006 he became a co-founder and chief technical officer of Main Road Post studio. Mikhail determines pipeline process and technologies in the studio. He is constantly on the brink of state of the art technologies, and eager to find the way to produce better images and cut down the process. With years Main Road Post transformed into the most known Russian studio in the world working on the large-scale projects in the Russian market.