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Ivaylo Petrov

Language: English
What I wish I knew and had when I started doing VFX
(supported by Foundry)


Visual Effects have transformed cinema. The need for bold and beautiful frames multiplies and the pressure on artists grows. Visual Effects is an arena of problems and solutions, one of many boundaries and even more possibilities. Many artistic hands and technical heads work tirelessly to bring films to life. People with different skills and backgrounds band together in the well-working machine that is the Visual Effects studio. Each of these different types of mentality brings different problem-solving skills to the table. Each one of them creates copying mechanisms to manage the ever increasing workload. Exploring the thinking mechanisms and processes employed by Visual Effects Artists using Rambo: Last Blood as a real-life example. Peeking behind the production curtains and taking a look at the process that made some of the effects in the latest instalment in the Rambo franchise. Using Katana, Nuke and Mari – a platform for both the artistic and technical minded. The Foundry products create a common language between the different personalities and allow unrestrained creativity.