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Yavor Stoykov

Language: English

For the last almost two decades V-Ray has been the renderer of choice for companies and professionals across multiple industries – from architecture, through automotive, to film and VFX; in projects from high-resolution stills to mind-blowing VFX. Keeping in constant contact with them has brought Chaos Group’s team a unique point of view and huge amount of insight into rendering optimizations and approaches to workflows, involving multiple plugins and software platforms.

Yavor Stoykov is no stranger to this, consulting and working with the teams of many companies in the field of animation, film and VFX as part of Chaos Group’s CG Specialist team. He is well acquainted by the pitfalls of rendering on any scales, and he’s worked on numerous approaches which can save time, resources and even complete projects. In this practical session Yavor will summarize some of the most interesting examples, focusing on tips and optimal use cases of V-Ray’s 3.6 most advanced features between 3ds Max and Maya, GPU and hybrid rendering, cross-platform scene transfer, the little-known, yet very convenient approaches to working with third-party assets, and will touch on the optimal way of employing Chaos Group’s own simulation secret weapon – Phoenix FD.