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Katarina Kaplarski Vukovic

Igor Tartalja

Vojislav Bogosavljevic


Language: English

First-ever White Paper Talks will focus on two research studies.


Virtual reality in art studies: digital sculpting in VR

Katarina Kaplarski Vuković, Faculty of Digital Arts, Belgrade Metropolitan University, SERBIA,
Nikola Damjanov, Lead Game Artist, Nordeus, Belgrade, SERBIA,
Vladimir Petković, Creative Director, Adobe, San Francisco, USA

In recent research, evidence shows a growing interest in the study of the application of virtual reality (VR) in Higher Education Institutions (HEI). In this paper, we will explore application of the VR environment in Art studies; more specifically, we will explore the use of VR sculpting tools in the context of distributed learning. Digital sculpting has not been acknowledged as a specific art form since it was mostly connected to gaming, video, and animation production. In 2020 and 2021, because of the expansion of the NFT art market, more affordable 3D printers, and social media promotion, digital sculpture has gained more widespread acceptance.


Incremental development of the 3D video-game Arena through students’ practical work

Vojislav Bogosavljević, Finbet / School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade
Igor Tartalja, School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade

The presentation describes an experience of incremental development of a 3D video-game through its evolution from the code skeleton presented to students at a tutorial laboratory exercise in the Computer Graphics course, through a control laboratory exercise and later homework (project), all the way to the student ‘s diploma thesis. The goal of the developed game is to collect as many points as possible in a limited time and survive in an arena with several rooms, avoiding obstacles, while collecting various bonuses. The software is modeled in the standard UML language (Unified Modeling Language), and implemented in the Java programming language, using the JavaFX library.