Sasa Ristic Krieger


Sasa Ristic Krieger Senior 3D artist Crater Training Center (SRB) Sasa Ristic Krieger is 3D artist with a demonstrated history of working in the computer games industry, cinematic and concept art. One of his projects includes Pagan Online, which was developed by Mad Head Games.   Presentation 3D modeling and concept art in film and gaming [...]

Scott E. Anderson


Scott E. Anderson is an Academy Award winning visual effects supervisor and filmmaker. As a leader in the creative application of digital and visual effects technologies to the film industry, he has worked across many forms and genres. 

Alwyn Hunt


Alwyn is co-founder of The Rookies. He has a background in fine arts and specialized as a Character Texture Artist where he has been in the industry for over 15 years.

Matt Robinson


Matt Robinson is the Technical Art Director at Nordeus where he leads a team called Techshop. He is responsible for bridging Art and Engineering by using technology to overcome the challenges encountered by artists and other creatives.

Simon Devereux


As Group Head of Learning & Development for award winning content creation studio The Mill, Simon oversees a global training curriculum for studios in London, New York, LA and Chicago.