Dmitrije Miljus, Art Director


Dimitrije Miljus Senior Illustrator & Concept Artist (Hexworks Games) Art Director @ CGA 2022  The Art Director of CGA and Virtual Environments Lab 2002 is Dimitrije Miljus, a senior illustrator and concept artist at the Hexworks game dev studio (currently developing the sequel to the cult fantasy RPG Lord of the Fallen). His portfolio includes many interesting [...]

Aleksandar Manja (Altfuture, Level Up Serbia)


Aleksandar Manja Operations Manager AltFuture (SRB) Aleksandar is a multidisciplinary game development expert, formally a master of dramatic and audiovisual arts. He's been in the business since 2011. when his sound design career slowly started shifting towards management. He's the co-founder of the first game developers association in Serbia, "Level Up Serbia" and a studio [...]

Jovana Todorovic (Nordeus)


Jovana Todorovic Talent Acquisition Coordinator Nordeus (SRB) Jovana holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Currently, she is a part of the Talent Acquisition team at Nordeus, where she works on recruitment and talent selection from various fields in gaming. Aside from organizational and investigative psychology, her big interests [...]

Nemanja Obradovic (Ovatiion BBDO)


Nemanja Obradovic Creative Head Ovation BBDO (SRB) Seven years working at Ovation BBDO, worked on a variety of commercial as well as public awareness campaigns, and in recent years specialized in digital campaigns, as graphic designer, art director and creative lead/head. Also, as an individual artist and part of LUFT Collective, working mostly on recycled [...]

Jadranka Smiljanic (Nordeus)


Jadranka Smiljanic Talent Acquisition Partner Nordeus (SRB) Jadranka graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, majoring in research. She works at Nordeus as a Talent Acquisition Partner, where she is recruiting and creating programs for talented youth to put light on possible careers in the gaming industry. Outside of her job, she dabbles [...]

Milan Krstic (3D Character Artist & Lecturer)


Milan Krstic 3D Character Artist, Lecturer Belgrade Polytechnics and Crater Training Center (SRB) Milan Krstic is a 3D artist from Belgrade with vast experience in the video games and film industry. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and during his career, he found himself in positions such as 3D Character Artist, [...]

Natasa Vucicevic


Natasa Vucicevic 3D Animator Mad Head Games (SRB) Throughout her childhood, Natasa was obsessed with cartoon characters and she knew right away that she wants to become an animator. So, she focused on that path during her school days. First, she finished high school for Graphic Design in Subotica and, afterwards she graduated Engineering Animation [...]