Project Description

Ivan Vasiljevic

Digital Asset Tailors (SRB)

First touch with CGI Ivan had during his studies at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies.
Next stop was Chiron, School for Creative Technologies.
After the studies and specialization Ivan has worked in established Belgrade studios, first Open studio and after that Crater studio, as CG generalist and lighting TD after.
Ivan was pioneer of modern freelancing and traveling the Europe for gigs.
His first freelance in Berlin, Germany with Polynoid guys led him to opening his office in Belgrade and forming DAT – Digital Asset Tailors, in 2013th.
It’s 6th year already and the list of premium projects DAT has participated is growing every year. With focus on modern advertising DAT is also working on TV shows, films, VR, etc.


Presentation CGA 2018

Straigh Outta Ludwigsburg


Presentation CGA Warmup 2019

Greenery in VFX / Big tasks small studio