Mihailo Djuric


Mihailo Djuric 3rd year high school student First Belgrade Gymnasium, High Scool (SRB) Ever since he was a kid, Mihailo was interested in film, particularly directing and special effects. At the same time, he was a passionate reader, and eventually, he started writing his own screenplays. Back at the elementary school, Mihailo wrote and directed [...]

Lazar Zagradjanin


Lazar Zagradjanin 3D artist Bunker/Faculty of Fine Arts(SRB) Lazar Zagradjanin was born in 1995 in Belgrade, Serbia. He completed the New Media master studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, in the class of professor Zoran Todorovic. At the same faculty, he previously completed undergraduate studies at the Sculpture Department in the class held by [...]

Boris Djuric


Boris Djuric General manager Solving Communications EOOD (SRB) Boris Djuric, author, producer, and journalist, was born in Belgrade, Serbia. He studied Psychology at the University of Belgrade and graduated at the Belgrade University of Arts from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, the department of Management in Culture, Theatre, and Radio. Later on, he mainly worked [...]

Milan Licina


Milan Licina Docent Faculty of Digital Arts, Metropolitan University Belgrade (SRB) Milan Licina is a new media designer and creative technologist from Belgrade, Serbia. In addition to his commercial and artistic work, Milan promotes STEAM education and lectures as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Digital Arts. His praxis relies on the fields of [...]

Marija Mitic


Marija Mitic Learning & Development specialist Mad Head Games Marija Mitic is an HR professional passionate about people development. During the decade spent in HR, she has been working with leaders in various industries. She is actively supporting them in the transformation of their organization and corporate cultures, all while keeping their employees engaged and [...]

Miodrag Krkobabic


Miodrag Krkobabic Professor of Audiovisual compositions; Head of Art department; Project Art ©enter Manager VŠLPUSS/BAPUSS Belgrade (SRB) Miodrag holds a Ph.D. at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade. His major specialization was in Audiovisual compositions at Hochschule für Künste, Bremen, Germany. He is a Lead Expert at EACEA – European Commission Executive Agency for Education, [...]

Barbara Abdoli


Barbara Abdoli Digital artist Mosquito Video & Animation (SRB) Barbara Abdoli is currently working as a digital artist in Mosquito Video & Animation Studio in Belgrade, Serbia. Barbara graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts at the department for Costume Design. Afterward, she moved forward to the master's studies at the New Media Department of [...]

Aidan Coughlan


Aidan Coughlan CEO / Lead Technical Artist Hive Studios (SRB) AidanI have been both modeling and animating and producing visual FX for around 21 years now since studying at college (Irish School of Animation, Dublin). He has worked both freelance and for animation studios, Treehouse Republic, Brown Bag, Weta to name but a few. Most [...]

Nikola Damjanov


Working for the past seven years at Nordeus, the independent gaming studio best known for Top Eleven, Nikola has been actively improving his artistic skills, exploring new tools and adopting them as early as possible. He is a game artist by day, and a procedural tinkerer by night.