CGA 2017

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Harvey Parker


Harvey Parker Art Director NORDEUS (SRB) Harvey Parker is a dedicated, creative and passionate Art Director with a background in traditional art skills, with an eye for detail and emerging visual trends. Previously an illustrator, represented in London, New York and Tokyo, Harvey's specialty is to bring a highly creative, trend-sensitive, surgical analysis to any [...]

Szabolcs Horvátth


Szabolcs Horvátth Lead Technical Director DIGIC PICTURES (HU) Szabolcs background  is  in  feature  film  VFX,  commercials  and  high  end  game  cinematics.  He  joined  Digic  Pictures  in  2004  where  he  holds  the  position  of  Lead  Technical  Director.  Over  the  years  he  has  worked  in  lots  of  different  areas:  character  and  effect  setups,  hair  modelling  and  simulation,  writing  [...]

Nikola Milosevic


Nikola Milosevic Principal Product Designer & Product Owner MAYA RENDERING AUTODESK (CA) Nikola  is  Principal  PD/PO  based  in  Toronto,  working  with  multiple  teams  and  projects  in  Autodesk.    He  is responsible  for  Maya  Color  Management,  Hypershade,  Render  Setup, directly  working  with  Arnold  Team  and designing  Maya  future  workflows  like  MaterialX  - LookDevX  and    Procedural  [...]

Mikhail Lesin


Mikhail Lesin Chief Technical Officer MAIN ROAD POST (RU) Mikhail  Lesin  began  his  career  as  a  3D  generalist  in  an  advertising agency  in  2000,  and  a  few  years  later  he  became  fascinated  by  the  world  of  visual  effects  in  motion  pictures.  In  2006  he  became  a  co-founder  and  chief  technical  officer  of  Main  Road  Post  [...]

Richi Paramo


Richi Paramo Creative Specialist FOUNDRY (UK) Richi is  one  of  the  Creative  Specialist  with  long  experience  in  the VFX  and  postproduction  industry.  Now  inside  The  Foundry  he  is  currently  in  the  development  team  of  VR  future  technology.

Ivan Pribicevic


Ivan Pribicevic CEO DIGITALKRAFT (SRB) Pribi began his CG artist career as a freelance and was involved in numerous commercial and feature film projects. He founded the post production house Digitalkraft in 2005 and over the years he has developed into an experienced VFX Supervisor, leading and guiding his carefully chosen team of fellow artists [...]