CGA 2019

//CGA 2019

Vanja Vikalo


Vanja Vikalo LINNCH is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Belgrade. Calling himself primarily an illustrator and an animator, Linnch creates characters and settings with surprising internal logic, playing with different visual forms.

Adriana Tanaskovic


Adriana Tanaskovic Creative Content Manager and Producer Mad Head Games (SRB) After graduating from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Adriana got an MA degree in Documentary film. This marked the beginning of her career in creative industries where she worked on film and TV projects, theater and film festivals. She [...]

Mirko Stojkovic


Mirko Stojkovic is Head of Dramaturgy Department and founder of the Interactive Arts Laboratory at Faculty of Dramatic Arts, with years of professional experience as copywriter, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker and game designer.

Pavle Dinulovic


Pavle Dinulovic studied sound recording and design at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He works as a sound designer and music composer in the fields of video games, film, radio, and various forms of sound design in live space.

Laurence Cymet


Laurence is passionate about connecting creators with technology. He has 20 years of experience in the Computer Animation and VFX industry, and is currently the CG supervisor at Folks VFX in Toronto, Canada.

Eric Bourque


Eric Bourque Director of Engineering Autodesk (CAN) Eric Bourque is a Director of Engineering in Autodesk’s Entertainment Creation Products group, working on Arnold, Bifrost and Maya. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from McGill University, and has been actively involved in Autodesk’s commitment to open source. He leads the CG Spotlight event series in [...]