CGA 2021 Sessions

//CGA 2021 Sessions

Vladimir Kuzevski


Vladimir Kuzevski Character Blendshape Artist 3Lateral (SRB) Vladimir is currently working as a Character Blendshape Artist at 3Lateral, where he started as a technical modeler five years ago. He was a student of Animation in Engineering at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. His love of CGI naturally resulted in a career in [...]

Vladimir Jankovic


As an Art Lead in Nordeus his main focus is to support people from his team in solving visual problems, to make sure the team delivers all it takes in order for the game to become successful, as well as to help them grow their skills and to be fulfilled in what they do.

Dusica Calic


Dusica Calic Texture Artist Mad Head Games (SRB) Dusica is an experienced Texture Artist working in the video game industy, currently employed at Mad Head Games. In her career, she had the opportunity to work both on stylised and realistic art style. That includes creating textures for characters, props and environment. Presentation My job as [...]

Aidan Coughlan


Aidan Coughlan CEO / Lead Technical Artist Hive Studios (SRB) AidanI have been both modeling and animating and producing visual FX for around 21 years now since studying at college (Irish School of Animation, Dublin). He has worked both freelance and for animation studios, Treehouse Republic, Brown Bag, Weta to name but a few. Most [...]