CGA meet up BL - 2020

//CGA meet up BL - 2020

Sasa Ristic Krieger


Sasa Ristic Krieger Senior 3D artist Crater Training Center (SRB) Sasa Ristic Krieger is 3D artist with a demonstrated history of working in the computer games industry, cinematic and concept art. One of his projects includes Pagan Online, which was developed by Mad Head Games.   Presentation 3D modeling and concept art in film and gaming [...]

Bogdan Amidzic


Bogdan Amidzic VFX Supervisor Crater Studio (SRB) Over twelve years of experience working in VFX production on feature films, commercials, music videos. He was a compositing lead for over 5 years and then became compositing supervisor. In past years he became involved with 3d VFX in Maya and especially with Houdini and gave excellent creative [...]

Petar Jovovic


Petar Jovovic CEO CRATER STUDIO (SRB) Petar has been moving and working on almost all positions in the VFX. “Carlston za Ognjenku” (Tears for Sale) marks the first Serbian feature project with ambitious VFX works under his supervision and soon after the Crater Studio was born. Leading a team of over 50 artists he focuses on [...]