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CGA Belgrade is an international gathering built on the legacy of fearless pioneers whose unrelenting drive and fierce commitment to excellence have helped transform computer graphics into one of the fastest-growing global industries.

Together we gather artists, leaders, innovators, and game-changers to foster connections, build global networks and unpack the latest trends and developments in the world of VFX, gaming, XR, and digital arts.

How do we do this?

We round up some of the world’s best-known professionals and dig deep into the latest developments, fascinating projects, and brilliant insights. And then, we invite some of the industry’s brightest minds to tell us their thoughts on it. We organize training opportunities and bring in recruiters. We shake hands with industry reps and distributors that bring the technology for a new era of visual storytelling.


November 2017

First ever CGA Belgrade Conference

May 2018

CGA Warm Up Event, Novi Sad

November 2018

CGA Belgrade: Awakening

April 2019

CGA Warm Up event, Belgrade

November 2019

CGA Belgrade: Thriving

February 2020

CGA meets Banja Luka for a daily meet up

November 2020

CGA Belgrade: Moving Forward, Online Conference

February 2021

Launching our year-round content tracks

May 2021

First ever CGAcademy youth conference, online edition

September 2021

CGA meets Novi Sad for a hybrid event

November 2021

CGA Belgrade: Embracing Metaversity, Online Conference

April 2022

Second online edition of the CGAcademy youth conference

September 2022

CGA Belgrade: Remodeling the Future


Serbia Film Commission


Founder of the Film in Serbia brand, the Serbia Film Commission is the engine behind the growth of the country’s capacities in servicing international film, TV, and advertising projects. The SFC team is always on the lookout for game-changing developments and growth opportunities.

Crater Training Center


Launched as an extension of Crater Studio, today, the school presents a central landmark of the local VFX and CG industry. as well as its gatekeeper: a place where upcoming and established professionals meet to learn, flourish and grow together while powering the growth of the community.



VFX Serbia presented a leading industry publication and its most vibrant online hub in the most crucial time when the VFX industry was in its developing phase. Moreover, the website was designed as a bridge between local professionals and their international counterparts, as well as a rite of passage for all VFX newcomers.


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Connie Kennedy

Los Angeles Lab Director @ Epic Games

Victor Perez

Director | VFX Supervisor

Linda Lee

EVP, PLAYBLOCKS - Blockchain Division @ Playstudios

Frederic Servant

Director of Engineering @ Autodesk

Nicky Gogan

Head of R&D | Executive Producer @ Piranha Bar
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It is time to reconsider the convergence between the industries and design new models for creativity in film, games, and digital arts.


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