Andrew Brassington

I have been at Escape Studios for 6 years and developed a number of courses and run a series of University mentoring projects. Prior to that I worked as part of a directing team making music videos.

Branko Sujic

Branko is assisting professor at Faculty of Dramatic Arts where he teaches cinematography and photography at Camera department. His professional work as cinematographer is greatly influenced with research of VR, the area of his PhD studies. He is author of short film Ozone and actively works as DoP or camera assistant on international and Serbian feature and advertising projects.

Ivan Vasiljević

Throughout his career, Ivan has played multiple roles. From all things PC, across being employed and freelancing in various CG facilities to Founder and CEO at one of the most recognized advertising outsource studios in Germany – Digital Asset Tailors.

Petar Jovović

Petar has dipped his toes in most areas of CGI ever since he got his first gig as a 3D artist in the early 2000s. For the past 15 years, he has been leading Crater up the steep hills of success, breezing through milestones with his sights already set on the one ahead. Endlessly ambitious, he is one of the few industry pioneers in the region and, as of 2017, a full-fledged VES member.

Bogdan Amidžić

Bogdan has vast experience in VFX production in multiple roles. Always driven by the thrill of new challenges, he combines his love for scripting and concept art to provide new creative solutions. He first entered the industry as a Compositing Artist, yet slowly made a turn to 3D VFX in Houdini. Besides leading his fellow artists at Crater, he also acts as a lecturer at the studio’s training center.