Luka Vilimonović

Passionate gamer, ex-interior designer, and full-time Houdini fan gained his VFX skills at Crater, first as a student, then intern, and now as a qualified team member.

Hristo Velev

Hristo Velev started in VFX with ‘2012’ and ‘Iron Man 3’ before creating Bottleship in 2013, where he has served as a VFX supervisor and FX lead in about 20 films since.

Igor Žanić

Igor Zanic is Freelance FX artist based in Serbia, highly motivated, and committed, always full of crazy ideas that can solve the current task, eager to learn new technology and share it with others. Most known as Naiad artist, back in the day when Naiad was open to the public, after that he became a Houdini fluid artist doing water simulation.

Fianna Wong

Fianna appreciates having seen how different kitchens work. Previously she had been at Alias|wavefront, Autodesk and now, SideFX. She works closely with developers and external artists, and enjoys the tremendous opportunity to see new tools and incredible artistry that comes from the CG community.

Nikola Damjanov

Nikola is a 3D generalist with 15 years of versatile experience. He made baby-steps in the industry making animations and effects for music videos and movies. Eventually, he found his happy place as a Game Artist at Nordeus. Nikola invests a lot of time in exploring proceduralism, generative art bridging tech-art gaps, and making stunning interactive art installations. He collaborates with Substance, SideFX, Adobe, etc.


Bogdan Amidžić

Bogdan has vast experience in VFX production in multiple roles. Always driven by the thrill of new challenges, he combines his love for scripting and concept art to provide new creative solutions. He first entered the industry as a Compositing Artist, yet slowly made a turn to 3D VFX in Houdini. Besides leading his fellow artists at Crater, he also acts as a lecturer at the studio’s training center.