September 01st, 2022

Adriana Tanaskovic

After graduating from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Adriana got an MA degree in Documentary film. This marked the beginning of her career in creative industries where she worked on film and TV projects, theater and film festivals. She also got a chance to be engaged in Public Administration through the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information. Along with her activity in the practical domain, she expresses a strong interest in research and theoretical work related to the field of cultural studies and creative entrepreneurship, copyrights and the digitization of cultural heritage.
Her career in gaming started 5 years ago when she intuitively ended up in the most complex interdisciplinary field she could ever have imagined. She entered the industry handling business and marketing side of Mad Head Games independent projects. 2 years later she got back to her primary occupation by becoming the company’s Creative Content Manager and Producer working on various mediums – videos, game trailers, print, digital and live performances of different kinds. Self-taught in many ways.