September 01st, 2022

Aidan Coughlan

AidanI have been both modeling and animating and producing visual FX for around 21 years now since studying at college (Irish School of Animation, Dublin). He has worked both freelance and for animation studios, Treehouse Republic, Brown Bag, Weta to name but a few.
Most recently, he founded Hive Studios in 2020. Here we produce games, create sculpted miniatures for table-top games, create cinematics for film and games and much more.
Also, he have a lot of experience working in TV and Film. He is mainly focus on 3d character / environment work, especially since they have started to develop theirs first game at Hive Studios.
He has a very strong grasp of modeling in 3ds Max, Maya, Zbrush Mudbox also building environments in Unreal Engine and many more programs. He spend a lot of time keeping up with the changes in the 3D industry.
He is an extremely passionate artist and a very focused and driven person