September 01st, 2022

Dusan Kovic

Dušan Ković is a CG Artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia, where he graduated on Faculty of Technical Sciences in the department of Graphic engineering and design. He started his career in gaming industry, but passion for photo-realistic computer graphics led him to VFX and film. Through dedication he gained broad knowledge in multiple areas of computer graphics, but his main focus is on photo-realistic texture painting, shading, lighting and rendering. On multiple occasions his work was awarded and acknowledged by CG community, and in 2016. he was included in 3D Artist Magazine list of 100 of the most influential and talented artists in the world.
Currently, he is working for Autodesk as Texture Painter/Lookdev Artist and Arnold/Maya beta tester and Crater VFX Training Center as Course instructor on Digital Lighting, Shading and Rendering course.