September 01st, 2022

Ivana Parcetic Mitic

Ivana Parcetic Mitic has launched the occupational portal Marketing Network, which has been networking and educating colleagues from the trade, both from Serbia and the region, for more than seven years. Ivana is the creator, as well as the organizer of advanced events in Serbia, such as the Regional Forum of Communication Leaders IZAZOV (Engl. Challenge) and the National Festival of Integrated Communications KAKTUS (Engl. Cactus). In mid-2018 Ivana opened the Marketing Network in the US, and at the end of last year she launched a global startup, a creative business platform – AdNetwork. As of this year, the Marketing Network supports startups to start and expand their businesses in Serbia and the world, principally in the US and Canada, through the exchange of ideas, the formation of entrepreneurial communities, the facilitation of access to mentoring, and the development of programs to accelerate growth and attract domestic and foreign investment. Ivana has been a member of numerous occupational juries in Serbia, the region and the world, among which the Epica Awards, White Square (Belarus) stands out. Since 2012 she has been a member of the media section of the Jury at the regional revue of the best advertising agencies BalCannes (Croatia), and in 2015 Ivana was the first winner of the ˝Srđan Đurić˝ Award for exceptional personal contribution in the area of communications, awarded by the Public Relations Society of Serbia.