September 01st, 2022

Ivaylo Petrov

Ivaylo’s father hooked him up on computer technologies at a very young age. He started not only building them, but looking for ways to use them, beginning with 2D imagery in the late 90s. As technologies such as 3D became more accessible, he invested more and more time in them, which led to him becoming Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Media and Technology. Over the years, he kept computer systems and photography as ongoing hobbies, which helps him tremendously in his line of work to this day. Ivaylo says: “The field of VFX is always changing. There is always a new challenge up ahead. In lighting, lookdev and rendering one can find so many intricate puzzles to solve. Anything from artistry to technicality and how the blend of these two helps create stories is a challenge that makes you evolve and always push to the next limit. I find many aspects of the job rewarding. Sometimes the pure artistry of an image can be a pleasure to achieve, other times things like reducing render times by a magnitude of several of times can feel like the best thing ever.”