September 01st, 2022

Jelena Miljanic

Jelena is a designer in the gaming industry, although she holds a master’s degree in Applied Arts as a designer of interior architecture.
For over a decade, she has been working in digital arts, and she loves her work because it lets her bring every move to life. Jelena has been a part of Mad Head Games for the past six years. So far, she has been responsible for art and visualization for several games while simultaneously working on the larger-scale projects where she was a part of a bigger team.
As a Lead 2D Artist, I am channeling my art into further development, and as a UI Artist, I’m transferring creativity to the next challenge. But I do not intend to stop here. Recently, I stepped into the world of branding and used the opportunity to gather my years-long professional experience and aesthetic expression and apply them in such a complex challenge to create a brand new visual identity of a successful company.
The goal is that everything I do, I do exceptionally well.