September 01st, 2022

Predrag Milosevic

Predrag is a Belgrade-based artist who creates in the field of film, animation, theater, and digital art. He is a member of the Association of Film Artists in Srerbia.
As a director of photography and a director, he has made short-form features, documentaries, corporate and animated films. He has also worked in advertising, live events, and animated films, where he found himself in the role of a creative and artistic director. As a video artist working in performing arts, Predrag has several international projects under his belt. He is especially proud of the cooperation with the Georgian National Ballet and his work on the play Winter Garden by Nikita Milivojevic, which had its premiere at the Venice Theater Biennale.
For the past several years, he has been collaborating with Bunker VFX Studios as a Project Lead / Project Supervisor. He is currently working as a Program Coordinator in Animation for Visual Effects and Game Art at the SAE Institute in Belgrade. As a representative from Southeast Europe, in 2015, he participated in the revalidation of the SAE Institute program and the development of the SAE Institute Global Curriculum for VFX and Game Art. He also works as a guest lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade, while also being active at the Digital Art Group. Besides this, he holds guest lectures at the Faculty of Computer Science in Belgrade within the master’s degree program at the Department of Multimedia Design.
Predrag the City of Belgrade Special Award winner.