September 01st, 2022

Slobodan Danilovic

Co-Founder and lead animator of Take One studio from Belgrade. During his career that spans almost 2 decades, Slobodan participated in production of some of the most popular AAA game titles on the market. These include: The Witcher III (CDPR), Battlefield series (EA), The Hitman (IOI), Mad Max (Avalanche), Witcher Gwent (CDPR), The Chronicles Of Riddick (Starbreeze), BulletStorm (People Can Fly), Bloodforge (Climax), Star Wars:Battlefront (EA), World Of Tanks (Wargaming), FIFA 2014 (EA), Kane & Lynch (IOI) …and the list goes on…
His animation studio „Take One“ has one of the biggest motion capture facilities in Europe. Having worked on so many game titles, Slobodan had a unique opportunity to gain both technical and artistic experience through great variety of pipelines and workflows.