September 01st, 2022

Tamara Milenkovic

An HRM & Talent Acquisition/Recruitment enthusiast with more than five years of experience in the gaming industry. The experience I gathered as a Game Developer has helped me develop a strong understanding of the gaming industry, and how to create the most user-friendly approach in translating HR practices into day-to-day activities.
Working on games is a priceless experience – it allows me to understand which problems developers might be facing, and actually let me „speak“ their language, understand the pressure of releasing the game, and how to enrich the teamwork through sharing knowledge. Supporting both casual and AAA teams gave me the opportunity to create custom-tailored HR solutions and tackle complex challenges. I will always put people first, and try to create opportunities for them to grow and develop as professionals.
Besides that, I love helping people getting jobs. If you are someone trying to put their foot in the door of game development, or an experienced professional, I will try my best to create a unique, fun and memorable candidate experience for you. Student career coaching is close to my heart, which is the main reason why I focus on building meaningful relationships with Universities, Professors, and Student Organisations.
I will always fight to position game development as a valid career choice, so no one will ever have to listen to “Oh you make games? When will you get a real job?” type of questions. Besides that, I will be forever in love with SFX movie makeup and game jams!