Aleksandra Jovanic

Aleksandra Jovanić holds a PhD in Digital Arts and BSc in Computer Sciences. In her artistic practice she mainly focuses on interactive art, art games and generative art. Her recent works explore nonlinear narratives and use of computer games logic and rules in the context of art. As an assistant professor, she currently teaches at all three levels of study, at the undergraduate program of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, master studies of the Faculty of Applied Arts and art doctoral studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade. As a part of web development teams and solo, she worked successfully on the development of complex internet projects for the esteemed clients, mainly in the field of culture and arts. She is also actively designing for movies – title sequences and graphic design.

Milos Milosevic

Milos is often described as one of the most dedicated and passionate artists with a rare combination of both strong technical and artistic talents. His incredible work ethics led him to become one of the compositing supervisors in Double Negative Studio in London and credited for almost all films in the Avengers franchise, as well as Start Trek, Total Recall… among others. As one of the founders of Milos is dedicated to fostering the nomadic community of Serbian CG professionals across the world as well as promoting young artists and talents in the country.

Milica Božanić

Milica has been actively engaged in the establishment of the Serbia Film Commission and runs the independent industry-driven network of over 60 companies with a focus on the international positioning of Serbia as a film destination. This has enabled her to develop core skills in international marketing and communications at the same time as policy development and facilitator in capacity building of the film professionals in the country. She took upon a strategic role in is development of Computer Graphics and Arts Conference Belgrade that strives to bring an international spotlight to Serbian VFX, game dev, and digital arts studios and talents.

Relja Bobić

Relja is an independent curator, cultural arts event manager, promoter, radio author, and translator. His projects were realized in Serbia, Europe, Canada, and the USA. He has initiated and participated in hundreds of events, founded four international festivals, and conceived exhibitions, conferences, publications, and other programs. He co-founded Nova Iskra creative hub and the European Creative Hubs Network.

Petar Jovović

Petar has dipped his toes in most areas of CGI ever since he got his first gig as a 3D artist in the early 2000s. For the past 15 years, he has been leading Crater up the steep hills of success, breezing through milestones with his sights already set on the one ahead. Endlessly ambitious, he is one of the few industry pioneers in the region and, as of 2017, a full-fledged VES member.

Bogdan Amidžić

Bogdan has vast experience in VFX production in multiple roles. Always driven by the thrill of new challenges, he combines his love for scripting and concept art to provide new creative solutions. He first entered the industry as a Compositing Artist, yet slowly made a turn to 3D VFX in Houdini. Besides leading his fellow artists at Crater, he also acts as a lecturer at the studio’s training center.