Ana Perišić

University Educator, doing things differently. Ana is an active professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad where she lectures at the Department for Computer Graphics. Her specialty is animation in engineering and she is frequently described as one of the most progressive professor among her peers.

Savo Lipovina

Savo entered the Art World through photography many years ago. But then, one day, he discovered the World of 3D/CG and its possibilities. And more specifically, Savo fell for Game Art. From that day onwards, he’s fully focused on creating visual experiences for games. He currently works as a Texture Artist for Mad Head Games.

Joel Pilger

Joel helps emerging creative studios become industry leaders. He spearheads a vibrant, global network of studio owners through online communities and his clients own motion, production, experiential, and sound studios worldwide

In a former life Joel helmed the miracle-making studio Impossible Pictures where he and his team won numerous Emmy, Addy, and Promax awards… and had a blast.

Tim Thompson

Tim has established RevThink as the industry’s leading supporter of creative entrepreneurs.

He is known for the roles he played in the industry’s most pivotal moments (including a founding member of Imaginary Forces and producer of SE7EN Title Sequence).

He shares his knowledge in the motion picture industry through advising, writing, podcasting, and speaking.

Ivan Stančić

Sometimes a narrative designer, sometimes a screenwriter, a creative director or a producer… Whatever the title, Ivan is the best person to explain how to tell a story.

Stephen Njoto

Stephen joins CGA 2022 as a finalist of the 2020 Student Internships by The Rookie Awards.

Frederic Servant

Frederic Servant is a Director of Engineering at Autodesk and is based in London, where he looks after the Arnold, Bifrost, look development and color management development teams scattered around the globe. Previously in charge of the Arnold team, he once was the main developer of the Arnold integration in Houdini. Prior to working on Arnold, Frederic worked as an R&D Engineer at The Mill in London and La Maison in Paris.

Connie Kennedy

A veteran film and TV producer, Connie has consistently been at the forefront of emerging technologies to facilitate both physical and virtual production. She is currently the Director of the Los Angeles Lab at Epic Games, where she is responsible for education and industry adoption of Unreal Engine in film and television, working with top studios to leverage real-time video game engines in innovative ways on projects such as The Mandalorian and Westworld.

Previously, she co-founded Profile Studios, a pioneer in virtual production with credits including Star Wars: Episode VII and Avengers: Endgame. She also served as virtual production producer for Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s VR experience Carne y Arena which was awarded a Special Achievement Oscar.

Egor Tomskiy

Egor Tomskiy is the CEO of the Russia-based Watt Studio. As a former 3D animator, he makes sure that every project reaches high visual and technical levels. Besides nurturing his creative and managerial skills, he is also working as a professional lecturer on CG and 3D Animation at HSE Art and design school in Moscow. He prides himself on being ready to listen and learn from a passionate new generation of artists. Together with his team from Watt Studio he developed the highly praised game called One Day More.