Alwyn Hunt

Alwyn is a 3D Business Developer within the 3D & Immersive division of Adobe. He is also the co-founder of The Rookies, a community for non-professional artists.

For over 20 years, he worked as a character texture artist in the VFX industry including a number of major studios like Sony Imageworks, MPC, DNEG, Animal Logic, RSP and Wētā FX.

He worked on Game of Thrones, Thor: Ragnarok, Harry Potter, Watchmen, Logan, etc

Nikola Đukić

Nikola has 15+ years of experience in the creative industry as a designer and animator. Before joining Playstudios, he commissioned for major companies including Microsoft, Dell, Hyundai, Valvoline, AstraZeneca, as well as a couple of game dev and movie studios.

Doca Mladenović

Doca is an old-school self-thought CG artist with an artistic background and 15+ years of professional experience. He worked as a freelancer and for several Serbian studios before joining forces with his friend Ivan Vasiljević to build up DAT.

John Paul Giancarlo

Experienced technical director with a demonstrated history of working in the animation industry. Skilled in 3D graphics, computer animation, video compositing, and music production. Strong business development professional with a focus in Media & Entertainment industry, Interactive Technology, Video, 3D Graphics, and Special Effects.

Camille Soual

Camille Soual studied IT and Game Design in Paris before starting as an indie game developer. Then she worked on console games for a few years at Seaven Studio and recently went freelance.

Marc Angele

Marc is a CG and VFX Supervisor from Zurich, now based in Berlin. He worked on various short films and commercials. From texturing to lighting and compositing, every visual step is his passion. He studied at the Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg Animation & Visual Effects. He holds several Visual Effects Society and Animation International awards.

Nikola Silić

Nikola Silić is a stand-up comedian and producer from Belgrade. After mutually agreed separation from studying law and journalism, Nikola dedicated his work life to TV and movies, from pre-production to post-production, and everything in between (that is, by all means, production).
Nikola currently works as a writer and video segment producer on a Late Night Talk Show “Evening with Ivan Ivanović”.
In his spare time, he likes to animate things, and every now and then one of those things becomes viral (animated series ELITA, that one GIF you all used 4-5 years ago, and Rick and Morty fan animation)

Miroslav Kostić

Designer with more than 12 years of experience in digital product design and a background in branding and animation.

Igor Žanić

Igor Zanic is Freelance FX artist based in Serbia, highly motivated, and committed, always full of crazy ideas that can solve the current task, eager to learn new technology and share it with others. Most known as Naiad artist, back in the day when Naiad was open to the public, after that he became a Houdini fluid artist doing water simulation.