Exploring the Quixel Ecosystem with Luis Cataldi, March 2nd at 6 PM

As a part of our mission to keep the community together and share knowledge throughout the year, CGA will act as a host platform to online sessions with different topics within CGA content tracks CGAcademy, CGArts, CGAlliance and CGAfterHours (you can read more about the concept tracks we presented last year here).

Organized by Crater Training Center and supported by Epic Games / 3Lateral, Nordeus Hub and Serbian Games Association, CGAcademy presents its first Creative Software Session Exploring the Quixel Ecosystem with Luis Cataldi, Quixel Lead Evangelist at Epic Games.

If you’re interested in creating an enchanting and photo-realistic environment for your project, getting familiar with everything Quixel has to offer could be your first step of many. Make sure you join in on this exploration journey through Megascans library and tools like Bridge and Mixer.
The session will be held on March 2nd at 6PM CET with a Q&A session coming up right afterwards, so set up your Google Calendar and tune in. The session is free of charge.

The session will be streamed on our website.

CGAcademy content track will cover a series of sessions within Creative Software, Know How and Job Feature sessions. No need to sign up for each session individually, but you can subscribe to our Newsletter and we’ll keep you posted with a Session Calendar you can import in your own Google Calendar.

Watch the session here


CGA Belgrade presents new online content tracks in 2021

We’re pretty sure that 2020 might not have been what any of us expected or maybe even hoped for, but it certainly brought upon major shifts and learning curves. As we navigate through all of that and think of our community, speakers, partners and sponsors, our whole team reflects on the past year with gratitude. The connections we build every day have a way of keeping us together during weird times.

We hope that this year’s CGA Belgrade online conference inspired you to keep your head up and work towards your dreams as much as we got inspired by you, our community, to move into 2021 and prepare more activities for you to participate in!

CGA 2020 was a sneak peek into 2021 concept of CGA annual online platform that offers curated different-size events aiming to create lasting connections and community knowledge base in the midst of global pandemic. We’ve taken a careful note of your needs and divided our content into 4 main pillars, CGAcademy, CGArts, CGAlliance and CGAfterHours for you to delve into.

CGAcademy will consist of educational content that will help students and entry-level artists work their way up in the VFX, gaming, animation and computer graphics industry. We’ll cut right to the chase with CGAcademy sessions and make sure you don’t wander off the right learning path. With their expertise, Crater Training Center team will be engaged in steering the bite-size content together with our partner network, bridging the ever-present gap between formal education and industry.

CGArts will be there to fuel your creative fire while demonstrating the latest creative achievements, original ideas and projects that push the envelope further every year. A dedicated space for artistic discussion and interdisciplinary collaboration, curated by VFX Serbia.

CGAlliance will carefully gather business insights and find different ways towards stakeholder collaboration. Sparking the ideas of all kinds, CGAlliance content curated by Serbia Film Commission will offer solutions and opportunity perspective when it comes to growing CG industry in Serbia.

And last, but certainly not the least, the fourth track CGAfterHours will lift your spirits high after a long working day with space to casually chit-chat, traditionally network, share what inspires you or just crack some jokes. It’s your turn to add some personal flavor to CGA events.

Until then, enjoy these CGA 2020 sessions that are now available on our YouTube channel. And for all of you who registered this year and would like to make “I will learn Houdini” your New Year’s resolution, don’t forget to look inside the Digi Bag we sent to you after the conference for a special discount on Houdini course at Crater Training Center.

We wish you a year filled with health, joy and inspiration! Happy New Year!

CGA Belgrade is Moving Forward on December 1st, 2020

CGA Belgrade is moving forward – and so are you!

Registrations for CGA Belgrade online event on December 1st are now open, so save the link to your Calendar and get yourself a comfortable spot for a virtual CGA experience. This year we will be joined by some amazing industry names during afternoon sessions that are set to start at 4PM CET.

We’ve been witnessing extensive changes amidst global pandemic this year that have made us rethink and reimagine our lives and work. 2020 has challenged us to slow down and respond to uncontrollable situations with great care in order to hopefully move forward and turn difficulties into opportunities. As one of the results, virtual production has been the focus of industry attention with Unreal Engine blazing the trail of game-engine technology application in Film, Animation and TV. If you want to keep a close eye on all things virtual production, make sure you join in on our session Virtual production and the Unreal Engine led by Mark Flanagan from Epic Games with an intent to examine the uses of game-engine technology in Film, Animation, TV and New media.

SPIN VFX has also joined the chat and we couldn’t be more delighted to welcome their Executive Producer Neishaw Ali, Visual Effects Supervisor Jeff Campbell and CG Supervisor Simon Milner for a round of CG insights. Although 2020 has been weird enough, there’s still room for Weird animation with Nick denBoer. Nick will take you on an online tour through some of his commercial work in Maxon’s Cinema 4D including music videos for deadmau5, work for Old Spice, KFC, Conan O’Brien and other projects.

Divided into CGAcademy, CGArts, CGAlliance and CGAfterHours tracks, we’ve prepared an afternoon programme that will meet your needs whether you’re looking to get more concrete knowledge, creative inspiration, better understanding of industry business or just plain fun with your peers. No matter your level of industry savvy. We’ve also prepared a present or two, since it’s important to take extra care of each other now more than ever.

With that in mind, we’re very grateful and appreciative of all the help and support we received from our long-term partners and sponsors Autodesk, 3lateral, Nordeus, Maxon, Foundry and Embassy of Canada in Belgrade. Without their help, we wouldn’t be able to create quality content you’re used to enjoying at CGA Belgrade.

The sessions are set to start at 4 PM CET and the full programme will be available in the coming days. We will send you the event link with all necessary info after you’ve registered.

find us on youtube

Nice to meet you, Banja Luka!

Last month we joined forces with local partners Robokids and Holoscope in Banja Luka and organized a first CGA regional meetup with CG artists and professionals. What a CG treat it was!

A little change of scenery came with great examples of visual mastery, valuable experiences and projects our regional CG artists worked on. We had the pleasure to host the VFX supervisor from Crater Studio Bogdan Amidzic who took the audience on a journey behind 20 years of VFX industry development in Serbia. Stefan Celic, a freelance concept artist, shared his experience of working in the AAA gaming industry with household names such as Ubisoft, while 3D generalist Mladen Kevic had a more technical approach to the subject with his talk on procedural workflow and automatization processes.

Sasa Ristic Krieger, a 3D virtuoso in Character & Creature development for video games, led a masterclass on Organic modeling in Zbrush designed for those who want to start their journey in the gaming industry as 3D artists.

As a cherry on top, the whole day was rounded up with great insights on opportunities and ways to connect artists, professionals and CG enthusiasts to create a stronger CG scene in the region. 

A big thank you to everyone who joined us at Robokids, until we meet again!


Watch CGA 2019 Sessions Online!

As you look back on 2019 and think about all the steps you’ve taken so far, keep in mind that the new year brings a fresh start. Right opportunities could be just around the corner so keep knocking.

We certainly hope that 2019 has been memorable for you and full of great moments and lessons, as it has been for us.

And here’s a little New Year’s present from us. Click here for the list of CGA 2019 presentations now available for you to watch online.
Happy Holidays and keep thriving in 2020! We look forward to sharing another year with you!



CGA Belgrade presents Alwyn Hunt at Nordeus Hub

In case you just missed this year’s CGA Belgrade, here’s your second chance to hear the latest insights in Computer Graphics. CGA Belgrade is presenting Alwyn Hunt, the co-founder of the Rookies and Representative of Substance by Adobe at Nordeus Hub on November 5th.

Alwyn’s presentation at CGA Belgrade was a full house and now he will be at Nordeus presenting in great detail the latest features in Substance Alchemist and Substance Painter, together with showcasing the workflow of Substance products working with 3D Dimension and Project Aero.

Alwyn Hunt has a background in fine arts and specialised as a Character Texture Artist where he has been in the industry for over 15 years. He has worked at a number of studios around the world including Sony Imageworks, The Moving Picture Company, Double Negative, Animal Logic, Rising Sun Pictures and Weta Digital. His main film credits include Harry Potter, Watchmen, The Wolfman, Alice in Wonderland, John Carter, The Hobbit 1 & 2, Logan, Thor: Ragnarok and more recently Tomb Raider. Alwyn has a passion for the industry and an interest in helping create pathways for emerging artists into leading studios globally.

Presentation will be held on November 5th, starting at 18h.
Make a mental note not to miss this and hurry up and register. Seats are limited.

Deep Learning at CGA 2019: Workshops, Masterclasses & Portfolio Reviews

Bringing everyone together and sharing knowledge is what we do best – and this year we’re especially in tune with your needs.

So, have a look at CGA Belgrade 2019 list of workshops and masterclasses, and find your way to one of them or more. We totally support you to get that thirst for knowledge taken care of!

  • If you’re a Nukie (a rookie at Nuke), then the amazing Klaudija Cermak from Escape Studios London and her workshop on Industry Workflow in Nuke is just perfect for you. 
  • Have a passion for creating AAA games? Say no more! Branislav Pavlovic from Ubisoft Belgrade will guide you through the process of Creating weapon attachment. 
  • Designing sound for a Mobile Game Character is as fun as it sounds, so get ready for Shane Berry and his workshop. You only need to know how to hold a microphone and point it at things. 
  • If you’re in love with VR and you wish to navigate the real world with virtual reality – we got you! Well, our lecturers Mirko Stojkovic, Branko Sujic and Pavle Dinulovic from Faculty of Dramatic Arts got you. The workshop Hyperreality has a very limited number of lucky participants. 
  • For those more advanced in the industry wanting to learn more about The Art and Science of teaching VFX, Laurence Cymet is coming all the way from Centennial College.
  • If you have a thing for smoke and fire (in computer graphics sense, of course), then this Bifrost Aero workshop by Michael B. Nielsen will fire up your technical skills. 
  • And if you often find yourself between two realms 3D and 2D, then you will also find yourself at the masterclass by Bogdan AmidzicProcedural Problem solving in tight VFX Production. 

Each workshop and masterclass requires a separate registration so make sure to spot your favorite and register on time. 

We’re striving towards excellence and you’re in the front seat.
Yes, you.
Grab the wheel.

Portfolio Reviews

This year we are paying special attention to education but also to preparing you for job opportunities that will come along. Experienced professionals from the industry will be at CGA Belgrade 2019 to review your portfolios! First impressions matter – and honest feedback from our reviewers will help you highlight your best skills.

We have invited Alwyn Hunt (The Rookies co-founder), Maksim Ljubenkovic (3D lead from Crater Studio), Dalibor Dejanovic (Character animation professor from Centennial College), Branislav Pavlovic (Weapon artist from Ubisoft) and Milos Milosevic (Compositing supervisor from Double Negative) to help you create your pathway.

But that’s not all. If you are not sure what to expect from a job interview, join us at 3lateral corner at CGA 2019. 3lateral team will give you feedback on your latest work and show you what it feels like to be recruited by simulating a job interview.

Use this opportunity to update your portfolio, master you interview skills and get insider tips and tricks!

Another round of CGA Belgrade coming right up!


Are you ready for yet another round of state-of-the-art computer graphics and visual effects, because we are fixing you up with a satisfying dose of digital artistry. CGA Belgrade is coming back on November 1st-2nd 2019, at Yugoslav Film Archive.

Third CGA Belgrade conference is just around the corner and we are preparing a fine ride that will bend your mind and dive you into the pool of excellence. Two days of lectures, panels and workshops held by household names in CGI industry is not to be missed, no matter if you’re an experienced artist or just a rookie who’s paving their way.

Some of our guests this year include Klaudija Cermak, who has left her mark on the industry’s biggest titles, Hugo Guerra, Debbie Ross, Robert Hranitzky, Sava Živković, as well as Igor Simić, a mastermind behind transmedia project and game Golfclub Wasteland, just to name a few.

For the rest, stay tuned! And when we say that, we really mean it. This year we will make space for you and your skills again. In front of the greatest studios in the industry. At recruiter tables. Where you can land yourself a dream opportunity. There, we said it!


Joining the lineup is Marcos Fajardo, the creator of Arnold Renderer (as seen used in Black Mirror episode)


Trilling Programme of CGA 2019

CGA Belgrade 2019 is thriving and so will you, as soon as you see who’s joining us at our two-day journey through state-of-the-art computer graphics and digital arts. They say third time’s a charm and we truly feel lucky to have such talent displayed and nurtured at our conference for the third year in a row.  

Like previous years, CGA 2019 will also be split into Know-it-all and Know-how programmesyet together they will make a perfect union of showcasing the artistic development and innovation, but also the technical finesse you need to know in order to create all that greatness you strive for. No matter if you’re an experienced professional or you’re just starting out and want to learn the basics – you will find your mojo at CGA Belgrade 2019 and it will spark your creativity and inspiration! 

Some of our outstanding guests include Hugo Guerra, the man behind Hugo’s Desk himself, who will be CGA’s keynote speaker but also lead a masterclass for you to dive into; Igor Jovanovic from Framestore, who will share his recent work on Spiderman: Far from home; Justin Fields from Creature shop, who will share his key to the concept design; Alwyn Hunt from the Rookies, Klaudija Cermak from Escape studios, the wonderwoman of compositing who will share with us the soft skills set you need in order to get into and survive in the Film, Advertising and TV Post-production. Klaudija will also lead a workshop on Nuke, for all of you who want to learn the advanced keying workflow; Ced Pakusevskij from FullScream, and our local superstars Sava Živković and Darko Marković DarMar. Just to name a few. 

CGA Belgrade is enjoying great support from sponsors and partners this year as well – such as Autodesk, 3Lateral, Escape Studios, Maxon, Epson, Foundry, Ubisoft among others. 

Get ready for a great deal of workshops, masterclasses, presentations and panels – and thrive for excellence!  

Join us in the Museum of Science and Technology for the official CGA Warm Up

CGA Belgrade is back in the Museum of Science and Technology!

Spring edition of CGA Warm Up invites you to join two interesting talks by Belgrade based Digital Asset Tailors and German SEHSUCHT. Building the greenery and set extenstions is more fun than you can think, so join us this Friday:

18h Digital Asset Tailors
Greenery in VFX: Big Tasks, Small Studio

19h – Sehsucht
Penny Commercial – Postproduction Insights

See you there!