Join us on yet another Belgrade HUG

On March 10 in Crater’s cinema room, some of the industry’s most prolific VFX artists will share new projects and insights regarding their creative procedures. Speaking in front of the crowd at Belgrade HUG vol. 2 are Pero Lakić, Dimitrije Babović, Bogdan Amidžić, Nikola Damjanov, and Doca Mladenović

Houdini User Groups are a special kind of meetups focused on a globally loved procedural 3D modeling / animation / VFX / gamedev software. The very first HUG Belgrade was held last September as a kick-off event for the CGA annual conference – and we had a blast!

At HUG, we welcome everyone, from Houdini experts to complete beginners who want to get started with Houdini. This group is a mix of visual effects artists, animators, game developers, modelers, VR creators, motion graphics artists, and other CG creators.

The meetup will be held on March 10 at Crater Training Center (Knićaninova 3, Belgrade) starting at 6 PM. Click below to RSVP.




Session #1
Houdini VFX Fundamentals 

VFX trainees from Crater Training Center will showcase their course projects, as well as a feature film they have been working on.

Session #2
Breaking rules in traditional pipeline with KineFX

Doca Mladenović (Digital Asset Tailors)

In this session, Doca will show how the introduction of KineFX in Houdini created opportunities to improve the existing character pipeline.


Session #3
Grooming Characters in Houdini

Pero Lakić, Dimitrije Babović, Bogdan Amidžić (Crater Studio)

Artists from Crater Studio will show how they adopted Houdini grooming tools and Groombear to create photorealistic animals for several feature films.


Session #4
Nodevember 2022: 15 projects in 30 days

Nikola Damjanov (Nordeus)

The idea behind Nodevember is to come up with 15 creative solutions to the assigned challenges during the month of November using only node-based tools. In this session, Nikola will present all the ways Houdini can be used in such a challenge.



Part of the CGA crew just landed a year-long project for one of our valuable partners. And we have a job opportunity just for you. This is why we are looking for a Host & Community Coordinator to join our team for a year-long project (with the possibility for renewal).

Throughout the years, our team has executed projects in the field of learning & development and event organization both within CGA and Crater Training Center. With numerous successful initiatives under our belt, we are known for nurturing the growth of art communities within creative industries in the region. As a team, we are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, and we are applying such values to our community as well.


About the job:

If you’re ambitious, self-driven, and open to learning new tricks – we would love to meet you. This role requires good interpersonal skills, advanced communication skills, and a sense of time management that will enable you to execute tasks related to people management and event coordination.

Most importantly, you will be the face and voice of our team, passing along all in-house communications. If helping others in developing their talents and working with creative people each day sounds fun, then read on!


What will you do:

  • You will work on an exciting project in the international environment;
  • As a part of our internal comms team, you will make sure that all the information is passed in a timely manner to our community;
  • You will communicate regularly with our lecturers, speakers, and program participants, 
  • Provide day-to-day onsite and online support to the program participants,
  • Connect (with) people – a person in this role is expected to build strong connections and support collaborations;
  • Write reports on the program progression,
  • Monitor, track, and report on feedback and (online) reviews, 
  • Make sure that all the KPIs are organized, contracts and agreements signed and filled;
  • Organize group activities for the program participants;
  • Help out with event organization; 
  • Stay up-to-date with digital technology trends.

What we expect from our ideal candidate:

  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills in Serbian and English;
  • Experience in planning and leading community initiatives;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Experience with using various social/comms apps (for instance, Slack, Discord, and other common social media apps);
  • Attention to detail and a problem-solver approach;
  • Eagerness to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table.

It would be super nice if you are:

  • Eager to get involved and help out with creating marketing campaigns promoting our events and programs;
  • Passionate about digital arts, games, animation, and movies.

What can you expect from this job:

  • Many growth and learning opportunities; 
  • A friendly, supportive, and knowledge-sharing environment;
  • A dynamic and productive workplace,
  • Valuable experience in managing a creative community within the industry;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Possibility of joining our team on other initiatives. 

If you wish to apply for this job, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject “HCO: Job Application”, your resume, and your motivational letter attached.

The deadline for applications is February 1st, 2023.


Apply now!

CGA 2022 Sessions Now Available on YouTube

We are thrilled to announce that almost all sessions delivered at the conference this year are ready for replay on our YouTube channel. 

The official CGA 2022 playlist includes most sessions delivered both in-person and during the conference’s virtual event. Over two days, CGA 2022 gathered around 1300 guests, including 44 speakers who delivered more than 20 sessions, four panels, and three exclusive side events in Crater, including two exclusive masterclasses and the very first Houdini User Group in the region.

This year was indeed a joy ride.  


“I was at the very first edition of CGA a few years ago, and I have to say that it has grown a lot. It has way more people, and I feel the industry here has matured. The questions are different, even the subjects of the conference are different, so it means the industry here is growing, which is a very positive thing,” says Victor Perez, one of the headliners of our live event. 

The CGA’s virtual experience was preceded by a two-month prep program in Crater Training Center, during which all the original environments featured at the online event were created. 

“It is exciting to be talking to people all around the world about virtual production, and CGA is just a great example of that. What I think is most exciting is the way in which people are being included, the accessibility that they have because of these new tools, and because there are so many different projects around the world that people of all different backgrounds can be a part of it. I think conferences like this one give an excellent overview of those opportunities,” says Connie Kennedy, director of the Los Angeles Lab at Epic Games who also joined the live stream. 

CGA 2022 is supported by a group of delightful sponsors and partners, including 3Lateral/Epic Games, Mad Head Games, Autodesk, PMO, Playstudios Europe, Crater Studio, Side FX, Foundry, Chaos Group, the Ministry of Culture in Serbia, and the Irish Embassy. This year, CGA became a part of the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster.


Here’s How Remodeling the Future Actually Looks Like

CGA Belgrade 2022 was our first major event after three years of (mostly) online activities, and it was interesting to see how much the industry landscape has changed during this period. Yet most importantly, it was a pleasure to see our old acquaintances side by side with some new faces forming a curious and exciting crowd at this year’s conference.

For the success of this year’s event we owe tremendous gratitude to the members of our extended team, our tech support, hosts, volunteers, the Lab crew,and our magnificent speakers for sharing the knowledge and passion with our network.

Following are 22 images by Milena Arsenić and Milovan Ilić, our photo duo. Most of the photos were taken at the 2022 live event, while some captured the mood during production of our unique online experience with Atomic Visual Support.


click for the full gallery

click for the full gallery


FOUNDERS & ORGANIZERS: Miljana Jovović, Milica Božanić

ART DIRECTOR: Dimitrije Miljuč

VISUAL IDENTITY: Stefan Knežević

COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANT: Lorena Ignjatović Ivanović

OPERATIONS TEAM: Tanja Mitić, Marija Rakić-Lovrić, Jasna Milošević, Bojana Simić

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Milena Arsenić, Miroslav Ilić

SUPPORT: Atomic Visual, Elder Creative, Ovation BBDO

SPONSORS & PARTNERS: 3Lateral/Epic Games, Autodesk, PMO, Mad Head Games, Playstudios Europe, Crater Studio, Side FX, Foundry, Chaos Group, Digital Asset Tailors, Creative Tech Serbia.

V-Ray Student Rendering Challenge

The theme of this special challenge is – no surprise here Remodeling the Future. Included in this post is the CGA logo ready to be remodeled in 3D and rendered in an environment of your choice, designed to tell us a story on how you see our future of creative tech. 

Imagine yourself as the architect of the future and give us a glimpse into your vision – and where you see the spirit of CGA in it. 

The competition is organized as part of CGAcademy track by our team at Crater Training Center.


Contest Propositions


When will the competition run and who decides on the winner?

The applications start on September 23 and will last till December 1st, 2022. The CGA’s jury panel of senior veterans from our partnering companies will select the winner and the competition results will be announced by the end of 2022.


Who can enter?

We welcome submissions by all students from Serbia who are enrolled in a computer graphics/3D program or course in a government-accredited educational institution. The challenge is open to students with interest in architectural visualization, interior design, VFX, animation, character design, product design, environment, game design, etc. Be sure to read the official competition rules and privacy notice to check that you qualify.


Are there any rules to follow while creating the project?

Not exactly. We urge you to combine materials, textures, colors and forms to express your unique vision. We welcome renderings of architecture, designs, inventions, prototypes, media, entertainment, and anything you think can help make your image stand out. 


What software can I use?

You can use any software to model your vision, but be sure to render in V-Ray or Corona, on any platform with a legitimately acquired license.


How can I get access to Chaos products?

If you don’t already have access to V-Ray or Corona as part of your program or course, you can take advantage of free fully featured trials to participate in this student rendering contest (links below).


How may I submit my work?

The works are submitted by the form below. If you have any further questions regarding the competition, please reach out to our team at Crater Training Center via [email protected].




Ready-to-use CGA logo

free 30-day V-Ray trial

Mad Head Games is Giving Away a Scholarship for The VFX In Houdini Course

Our dear friends from the award-winning studio Mad Head Games have decided to share a scholarship to ONE young artist from the CGA community interested in honing his or her skills in the procedural software Houdini FX.

The course is organized and held at Crater Training Center, starting November 22, but can also be attended online. The lecturer is Bogdan Amidžić, visual effects supervisor and technical director at Crater Studio with over 30 film titles under his belt.

The VFX in Houdini course offers a basic overview of the methodology and tools used to create top dynamic effects as it is done in a genuine professional production environment. Designed to prepare students to create a full-CG VFX shot for both film and gaming, it covers all typical CG tasks necessary to complete a standard VFX render, as well as a level in Unreal Engine. Through the development of the scene, the students learn how to navigate through the complexity of Houdini’s node-based workflow.

The course lasts 13 weeks, and the regular price of the course is 930 euros – meaning this is quite an opportunity for artists willing to hone their skills in procedural modeling, VFX, particle simulation, etc.

The competition is organized by the Crater Training Center, where the training itself will take place, while the Mad Head Games team will decide on the winner of this valuable scholarship based on the answers provided in the application form,

The application deadline is November 1, 2022, at midnight!


We wish you the best of luck.



Read course details
Visit MHG website

CGA Belgrade 2022: Panel Overview

Ever since our early days, CGA has been known as a best place for networking,  knowledge-sharing and honest discussion. And what better way to do just that, than providing a platform for discussion panels.

Here’s a list of topics to be discussed in front of a live audience at MTS Dvorana on September 24th.


Complete schedule

Remodeling the Cooperation Between Art and Technology 

Track: CGAlliance

Moldova, Lithuania, Serbia and Ireland have pushed for clustering in the creative sector and have been building their national brands in animation, gaming, film, visual effects and XR. With the changing industry landscape it is time to reconsider the cooperation models that bring art and technology closer in the vision of future creativity.

The panel will discuss the idea of bringing different audiovisual and media subsectors work together. How important role clustering could bring in international positioning and export promotion for small national markets? 

Moderator: Milica Božanić, Executive Director at Serbia Film Commission (co-founder of CGA)
Relja Bobic, SGA/Creative Tech Serbia
Vasili Braga, Executive Director of Creative Industry Cluster Moldova
Kestutis Drazdauskas, Baltic Film and Creative Tech Cluster
Nicky Gogan, Piranha Bar, Ireland 

With this panel, we celebrate CGA being a part of the Creative Tech Serbia Supercluster.


Remodeling Education for Generations to Come

Track: CGAcademy

In this panel, we will discuss how software development will affect education in the near future.

People from different branches of the creative industries, as well as university professors, will talk about education, including various training opportunities for both students and young people entering the creative industries, and also adults who are retraining or simply in need of new tools. 

No matter if you’re looking for a career path in VFX, game art, video design, motion capture or any CG-related field, conclusions from this discussion will provide you great source of information.

Moderator: Marija Rakić-Lovrić, Crater Training Center
Adam Kovač, 3Lateral
Ana Perišić, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad
Miloš Paunović, Nordeus Foundation
Milos Petrović, 3D Artist

FX Gigs at Scale: Freelance, Boutique,  Studio

Track: CGAcademy

The industry professionals from Serbia will discuss their approach when it comes to getting + handling local and external gigs, working with international clients (especially relevant post-COVID), resolving problems, and keeping a clear mind. 

All these are topics relevant to freelancers,  boutique studios with less than 10 people and large collectives. And just like life itself, the FX industry is filled with successes, failures and lessons. So, let’s hear from artists on advice, problem-solving, and keeping work enjoyable.

Moderator: Fianna Wong, SideFX
Nikola Damjanov, Nordeus
Igor Žanić
Doca Mladenović, Digital Asset Tailors
Bogdan Amidžić, Crater Studio

If you like this topic, don’t miss out the Houdini FX event scheduled to happen a day before at Crater Training Center known as…  

HUG Belgrade

Remodeling People Experience and Where Does It Lead Us

Track: CGAlliance

This session brings closer insight into what the craft of finding the right person (and talent) nowadays looks like. Our panelists will be talking about the changes that the expansion of technology brought to us. What’s the impact on the number of open positions and experience with recruiting from other industries?

Moderator: Sanja Žugić, Playstudios Europe
Isidora Tasić, Playrix RS
Rebeka Popov, Digital Arrow
Lazar Ivanović, Ubisoft Belgrade


Grab a seat!

Welcome to the CGA 2022 Divine Virtual Experience

CGA Belgrade 2022 kicks-off with an exquisite online event scheduled for September 23, 3 PM sharp!

The event will premiere stunning digital environments created at Virtual Environments Lab, the CGA’s very first summer program aimed at students and enter-level artists. The environments were created in Unreal Engine 5 over two months at Crater Training Center with dedicated guidance and support from industry experts.

We filmed the entire ordeal in front of the green screen in the studio of our dear collaborators from Atomic Visual Support, while the magnificent Dane Blačić, CGA’s Technical Director, ensured the smooth experience.

Program includes:

🔹 Opening Ceremony: Founders Talk
Miljana Jovović, Crater Training Center
Milica Božanić, Serbia Film Commission

🔹 Virtual Environments Lab Video Premiere

🔹 StreetOshop: This Is Not How Things Are Done
by Nikola Silić, One Man Band

🔹 The Rookies – Start Building your Digital Career Today
Alwyn Hunt, The Rookies
Stephen Njoto, Weta FX

🔹 Creating a Place of Transformation
Ilija Brunck, Woodblock

🔹 A Demo of disguise XR and VP Workflows
by Milo Hancock, Disguise

🔹 Together in Motion
Connie Kennedy, Epic Games
Lara Cawsey, Epic Games

🔹 ANDY: A Hero’s Journey | Autodesk Vision Series
Jamy Wheless, Ignite Animation Studios
Petar Jovovic, Crater Studio

🔹 Transforming Gaming with Blockchain in the New Decade
by Linda Lee, Playstudios Inc.

Let’s conquer the virtual space together!

Complete Schedule

Virtual Environments Lab

Learn Camera Composition on CGA’s Outstanding Side Event

Egor Tomskiy, CEO at Watt Studio, an indie studio specializing in game dev, motion capture, and previs, comes to Belgrade to share his tremendous knowledge with the live audience.

CGA’s first side-event with Tomskiy behind the wheel starts on September 23, 3 PM CEST at Crater Training Center (Knićaninova 3, Belgrade).

A master class on Camera Composition is designed as a practical lecture so that all the participants will be able to improve their cinematic skills. Tomskiy will dive deep into some of the golden rules of composition, such as, for instance, a “conflict rule” that helps artists create a perfect composition of the frame for any task.

Tomskiy will also talk about the editing process in films and games and share a few tips and tricks on camera animation in UE5. Save a seat in Crater’s classroom for the Camera Composition masterclass by applying via the form below.


Applications end on September 21st at midnight.
Participation is free of charge.

About the lecturer:

Egor Tomskiy is the CEO of the Russia-based Watt Studio. As a former 3D animator, he makes sure that every project reaches high visual and technical levels. Besides nurturing his creative and managerial skills, he is also working as a professional lecturer on CG and 3D Animation at HSE Art and design school in Moscow. He prides himself on being ready to listen and learn from a passionate new generation of artists.

All the reasons why we think he is the best man for the job of teaching you new skills at CGA!

A day after, live at mts Dvorana, Tomskiy will hold a talk on Switching a business to the game development studio in front of the crowd at CGA Belgrade 2022 conference.



One Day More (Game)

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