November 01st, 2023

Belgrade HUG 3.0 becomes a day-long Houdini event

The third Belgrade Houdini User Group gets an upgrade. Learn what it's all about.

Once again, in Crater’s cinema room on November 16, 2023, some of the most prolific VFX artists will gather to talk about inspiring projects and share valuable insight on the creative procedures.

Speaking in front of the crowd at Belgrade HUG 3.0 are Hristo Velev, Igor Žanić, and Nikola Damjanov. Fianna Wong from SideFX will also join the meetup, so make sure to stay for informal networking after the curtains close.

At HUG, we welcome everyone, from Houdini experts to beginners eager to get started with Houdini. This group is a mix of visual effects artists, animators, game developers, modelers, VR creators, motion graphics artists, and other CG creators. Belgrade HUG 3.0 is special because it starts with a custom workshop held by FX professionals from Crater Studio.



(the detailed timetable for November 16, 2023, will soon be published on our homepage) 

Houdini Solaris Workshop

Time: 3 – 5 PM
Language: Serbian

Bogdan Amidžić (FX TD) and Luka Vilimonović (FX Artist) from Crater Studio will help you overcome the challenges in the work processes imposed by the adoption of the USD ecosystem. To attend the workshop, you must be eligible to work in the usual 3D software like Autodesk Maya or Houdini.

Belgrade HUG Main Program

Time: 6 – 9 PM
Language: English


  • “One Sim to Guide Them All” 

Igor Žanić (FX Artist @ RebelWay / Voxel Flow) introduces you to Houdini 20 and its fluid workflow update.

  • “Energy Effects in Knights of the Zodiac” 

Hristo Velev (Founder @ Bottleship VFX) breaks down a multitude of effects created for the KOTZ project, including lots of energy for the climactic sequence. Hristo will walk you through the guiding principles and the techniques used for building some of them, like the vortex around the female lead and the streams around the male lead.

  • “Houdini for Prototyping and Making Mobile Games” 

Nikola Damjanov (Lead Game Artist @ Nordeus) takes the stage one more time to deliver a talk on how he uses Houdini at his job in Nordeus. From tiny corner flags to big stadium crowds, Houdini can be used for creating large worlds but also for solving minor but annoying difficulties. In this talk, Nikola will show how Houdini helps him throughout the production of a sports mobile game.


The very first Belgrade HUG was held in September 2022 as a kick-off event for the CGA annual conference – and now, once again, the CGA team gathers to organize an event. 

And yes – we’re bringing beer and pizza! 🍕





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