March 20th, 2024

CGA Meets Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival

CGA’s founding organizations to hold two exciting panels on March 30th at Belgrade's renowned film festival.

Thrilled to share the news that we are taking up the stage of the 71st Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival (Martovski Festival) at Belgrade Youth Center!

For this occasion, our founding organizations, Serbia Film Commission and Materriya, are holding panels intended to shine a light on some of the industry’s most exciting aspects. Martovski film festival is considered one of the longest-lasting film festivals in the world and, most definitely, the oldest one in this part of Europe. Therefore, it is a tremendous honor for our teams to be included in this year’s program. 

So, here’s a short overview of the upcoming panels. 


Discussion Panel #1

FILMOVANJE – The role of shooting locations in creating film’s identity

Date and time: March 30, 11:00 – 13:00 

Location: Belgrade Youth Center, Americana entry hall

Milica Božanić (Executive Director at Serbia Film Commission)


Miljan Gogić (Location manager, producer and founder at GM Locations & Scouting)
Nikola Milićević (Lead 3D Artist at Ebb Software)
Jelena Mirković (Production Designer)

The discussion will include different professional viewpoints on the role of locations in movie storytelling. The panelists will give their perspectives on the subject – from scriptwriting and creating a visual identity to scouting suitable locations for depicting the original world and ambiance of the film, whether realistic or fictional. 

Panelists will also contemplate Belgrade’s architectural heritage and its role in locally- and internationally-produced projects. Finally, our guests will address the importance of finding perfect locations for conceptualizing fictional worlds. The panel will be accompanied by inserts and other material from the projects by our panelists. 


Discussion Panel #2

INNOVATIONS IN FILM – New tools for visual storytelling

Date and time: March 30, 13:00 – 15:00 

Location: Belgrade Youth Center, Americana entry hall

Miljana Jovović (Founder at Materriya Talent Development)


Nikola Silić (Scriptwriter, Director, 2D/3D Generalist, Independent Instructor)
Ivana Lazarević (3D Artist at Open Studio)
Zoltan Savin (Cinematographer at Radio Television of Vojvodina)
Nikola Šoškić (Independent Instructor, Film Director and Founder at Shosha Games)

Participants will discuss new tools in digital storytelling in film and other visual media, especially the short animated 3D format. The tools in question are used for pre-production and production to simplify and speed up the processes of creating 3D content. 

At the end of the panel, we will present seven selected projects created last year at Unreal Fellowship: Storytelling educational program, which took place in Epic Games and 3Lateral’s community hub in Novi Sad.


The official language of the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival is Serbian. 

looking forward to seeing you next weekend at Martovski!

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