November 02nd, 2022

CGA 2022 Sessions Now Available on YouTube

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We are thrilled to announce that almost all sessions delivered at the conference this year are ready for replay on our YouTube channel. 

The official CGA 2022 playlist includes most sessions delivered both in-person and during the conference’s virtual event. Over two days, CGA 2022 gathered around 1300 guests, including 44 speakers who delivered more than 20 sessions, four panels, and three exclusive side events in Crater, including two exclusive masterclasses and the very first Houdini User Group in the region.

This year was indeed a joy ride.  


“I was at the very first edition of CGA a few years ago, and I have to say that it has grown a lot. It has way more people, and I feel the industry here has matured. The questions are different, even the subjects of the conference are different, so it means the industry here is growing, which is a very positive thing,” says Victor Perez, one of the headliners of our live event. 

The CGA’s virtual experience was preceded by a two-month prep program in Crater Training Center, during which all the original environments featured at the online event were created. 

“It is exciting to be talking to people all around the world about virtual production, and CGA is just a great example of that. What I think is most exciting is the way in which people are being included, the accessibility that they have because of these new tools, and because there are so many different projects around the world that people of all different backgrounds can be a part of it. I think conferences like this one give an excellent overview of those opportunities,” says Connie Kennedy, director of the Los Angeles Lab at Epic Games who also joined the live stream. 

CGA 2022 is supported by a group of delightful sponsors and partners, including 3Lateral/Epic Games, Mad Head Games, Autodesk, PMO, Playstudios Europe, Crater Studio, Side FX, Foundry, Chaos Group, the Ministry of Culture in Serbia, and the Irish Embassy. This year, CGA became a part of the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster.


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