November 06th, 2018

CGA Providing Opportunities for Students and Young Talents

The industry just keeps going forward really fast. Digital humans, virtual production, even the biggest and baddest players out there are still making sense of it all. We can’t even begin to imagine what the youngsters are going through. 

We know the way to success is scary and filled with uncertainty. When we are scared, we usually can’t seem to tell if what we are doing is satisfying and top notch. 

We are here to remind you that we are here for you. Reach out and we’ll lend a helping hand. That’s why we have a surprise for the newly hatching experts of the industry. We are giving you a chance to hear get feedback, learn more about a studio life and qualify for an internship in one of the country’s leading studios. 

You’ve heard it right. CGA Belgrade is giving 10 visual effects students a chance to meet their local professional heroes and sit down for a feedback and reel review session in one of our partner studios. 

We’ll guide you through the steps right now. First off, register for the conference. What are you waiting for already? Then, there’s the matter of signing up for the contest. There you go. You’ve done all the hard work. All you have to do is wait for your name to be shouted at the live stream on CGA’s YouTube channel on November 28 at 6PM. 

Good luck and we’ll see you at Kinoteka! 


Mingle with the recruiters

Who wouldn’t want to work at Framestore? Pixomondo anyone? Cinesite for the taking! 

There isn’t a slightest chance you don’t know who they are, but let’s do the honors of presenting them still. 

Pixomondo, a company that excels at finding solutions to creative challenges whether it’s a client or a partner. It doesn’t matter what they do, visual effects to marketing campaigns, they do it with profession and excellence. It’s not a wonder with projects like Game of Thrones behind them! 

Right beside them, Framestore brings a whole variety of skills to the table designed to create extraordinary visual effects and help with the making of Hollywood’s biggest pictures along the way. A place where craftsmanship and imagination play a crucial role in a unified goal to breathe life into ideas and concepts.  

Last but not least, Cinesite brings fun and entertainment in whatever project they touch. Marvel Studios didn’t entrust them with Avengers: Infinity War for no reason.  Their international team of artists aren’t just making visual effects, they are developing ideas. That’s what makes them attractive to the finest artists. That’s what it takes. An Idea. 

Yes, you’ve heard it right! The recruiters are coming to our conference to check out some talent and maybe even welcome some of you into their troops!

Have your eyes opened wide, polish your reels, update your CV’s and most importantly believe in yourself! Approach them and who knows, from a polished reel comes a shiny new job! 

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